The working principle of the electronic scales

发布时间 : 2021-07-10

1, the working principle of electronic scales

Platform using force sensor in place other people put on weight after the surface deformation and cause the shape of the internal resistance changes, will cause the change of the resistance tolerance, resistance of deformation resistance tolerance of the change and make the change within the current produced the corresponding electrical signals, signals are processed after became a visual figures.

2, electronic weighing is what

Electronic scale is a kind of intelligent weight measuring instrument, compared with the traditional pointer type weighing machine, with high measurement precision, can be locked display, convenient reading. Its main applications in physical health test data of human body weight measurement, for sports, health care, employment, schools and other units to carry out the national fitness activities, is one of the students physical health test instrument is necessary.

3, the use of electronic weighing method

3.1, before use, please open the scale at the bottom of the battery cover, connect battery (section 9 v battery) cascade, then put the scale at the bottom of the unit to switch to "kg" position.

3.2, will scale smooth flat on solid ground, with their feet tapping scale surface, can be turned on. Boot after the LCD screen will show "8888", later back to zero "0.0", at this time people can stand to the scale on the surface to be tested for weighing. Note before his return to zero, people don't stand to scale or touches on scale body, otherwise will affect the measurement result.

3.3, people on the site scale surface stabilized, LCD will display the weight measurements (LCD flashing 3 times after locking display measured weight value). The subjects can walk down the scale, liquid crystal display back to zero, later can be the next weight test.

The cautions of electronic scales

1, shall not handheld scale body boot, boot, if handheld scale body is zero, the scale body must be placed on the ground, such as automatic shutdown after restarting the use of a minute, or remove the battery, in the correct use method to mount the battery operation.

2, there is a toggle switch at the bottom of the scale, measuring unit can choose kilograms or pounds, kg will show "kg"; Pounds will display "lb".

3, when the show "O - LD", said the overload, which has more than 150 kg in weight. Overload people down the scale, scale can resume normal work, "O - LD" also will disappear automatically.

4, when the LCD display "LO", said the battery voltage is too low, please replace new batteries immediately continue to use, less electricity, instrument measuring accuracy is not guaranteed.

5, in order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, please ? when operating

5.1, when using, puts scale formation on the hard ground.

5.2, weighing, the people standing in the middle of the scale level, the body can not shake.

6, this product is a precision electronic weighing apparatus, shall be kept carefully and used correctly, to avoid collision be affected with damp be affected with damp, drop, weight and exposure. May not be directly flush with water, such as appearance filth please clean with soft cloth dipped in water, benzene, nitrocellulose solution is strictly prohibited or liquid caustic soda to clean.

Daily use common sense and problems of electronic scales

1, the body weight scale can say anything else

Can balance other things but, there are specializing in. Each scale of the object has a different quality, weight. See you how to use. General fruit have fruit with electronic scale, scale screws have scale screw electronic scale, electronic scale have a car. See you how to choose, the price also is different, the human body scale is mainly weighed the best.

2, my body weight scale, excuse me: how to regulate the body scale

It is hard to human scale calibration. Unlike the general electronic price computing scale, platform scale, put a few kilograms weights can be calibrated. The general scale calibration need 150 kg weight. And to put in a few seconds to complete, the weights of the process. So there is no calibration of electronic scales.

3, electronic scales which is really good

Scales regardless of which brand is the most main is to suitable for my own use and no error is the best, this is also a matter of money, in 100 yuan commonly is good, this can be according to the function of the you need to choose and buy, scales generally divided into the human body health scale and fat scale, the function of balance of fat is more, the price will be higher than that of healthy balance.