The use of electronic scales tip

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Electronic scale city with a lot of people, scientific use of electronic scale will bring you a lot of convenient, to the following introduction about electronic scale using little skill:

(1) using/counter scale should be arranged in secure must level off (put), four feet steady, so much will make according to the weight is correct.

(2) the first to use every day, boot after preheating first few minutes, inspect whether the loss of electricity, test whether scale motor solid.

(3) reasonable choice using precision, because of, can make the performance is not stable, high precision best use of the factory set value.

(4) using the high precision balance, and each change position must be held to calibration, what degree should be solid, manipulation.

(5) any balance in calibration "junjun, should be" turned off ", and then in the "restart" rear.