Marathoners sports experience

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Player 10 km run 10 km said after it also, if be to 20 km, it will. The athlete with stopwatch, said: "the complete in special weather right running, not hot, and also like stopwatch, running stopwatch out of sweat. So running right, but I recently at least five months of no more than before, so he called the ten kilometers. Ten kilometers can also, it is. If be twenty kilometers, can it will."

The athlete run through Beijing marathon marathon, when asked if he ran through the longest interval, the athlete at stopwatch: "I don't have the longest interval, north ma I run a marathon. What happened to the previous year, two years before the analogy to run more. Actually last year did not how to move, just ran a xuzhou marathon last year, or in March last year. Ten kilometers can also, so this time I feel quite good, quite good play. No results, simply idle stroll."


Asked if he had run if there is any difficulty, the athletes also said: "no, ok, it is fine tomorrow, I still have a old base. Because my leg is fine, run match easily.

The 10 km is great, the athlete beat control run easily. The athlete looked at sports stopwatch said: "since the first run, for a long time no more than, I want to control the tempo. Once hurt my knee, my waist is a little injury. So run continuously in the control of, so there is no special tired."

The athlete is ran all the way, not to walk. The athletes then said: "of course, of course, the speed is not up."

Like to use a marathon race stopwatch the athlete also has some marathon experiences to share with everyone. The athlete in his hand with stopwatch said: "the experience of a marathon is perseverance. Yes, run toward the starting point. Marathon but be sure to use stopwatch to control speed, because this is first slow, quick, not to fast. Towards the first after the process does not follow to go up at brawn, so in the back of the time want to use stopwatch pressure good speed, good stick to beat. Breathing is the most important, in fact, the marathon like us to sing, is fastidious breathing rhythm. You just need to put your breathing and the current pace of differences, you will save a lot of brawn. We often sing good breathing, style and machinery, have the same effect.