15 the wizards also use waterproof stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Munich Olympics, Mark ? Spitz record of 7 gold records. In fact, he has now succeeded. Born in the same era as he was born into the saddle of swimmers, Phelps was not only the fastest, but also omnipotent. He broke every one of the most famous swimmers before him in astonishing speed. impressive record, containing the same is referred to senior swimming genius Ian ? Thorpe. When the stopwatch showed that he broke the stopwatch record of Thorpe's six- year 200- meter freestyle with 1 minute, 43 seconds and 86 , he has now become synonymous with the limit. Although the 6 gold 2 copper records and Mark ? Spitz's seven gold is still a little distance, but no one could doubt the next time Phelps shot results.

"Michael is an amazing player, you can not compare anyone to take him. Mark ? Spitz, Ian ? Thorpe, I even think that these people can not be compared with him. He is an amazing talent, he did do some important work, and there are more important work to do. "Phelps' teammate Ian ? Ke Luoke this review him.

waterproof 秒表.jpg

Last year 11 Yue 21 days, when Ian ? After Thorpe declared retired because of injury, Phelps opponent more larvae site only stopwatch : His next opponent will be the new challenge of international rewrite their own stopwatch in Record.

Phelps was not alone in his opponent's arena. He described to reporters the fun of the stopwatch competition. “I love the race of my own stopwatch with the top three and perhaps the top five friends . I never felt lonely. As international record is I will never chase policy, because it I always feel very hungry. " because of this, although he does not care always wearing face, head wearing big headphones appear around the swim pool, but each of his time getting in and out, people are serious, they are likely to be a new international stopwatch record numbers recorded birth.

Although Phelps has now been referred to the swimming community , "Michael King," but he was not satisfied, he expects to be most people is Michael ? Michael Jordan and Tiger ? Tiger Woods, "they are successful in their sport in , also led the people around to pay attention to this mass movement stopwatch , I hope to become like them people. "

The 22 -year-old boy has his ambition not only to get the next gold medal, but also wants to use his charisma to promote his favorite work—wandering water to the entire international community—from a self-help survival skill to a The main stream movement method。