Sports teacher using a stopwatch, how many kinds of functions?

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Sports coaches use the stopwatch, we may seem very simple, but in fact it is not a simple thing here talking about sports competition stopwatch, which most people will not use it?

For example, inside the campus, a class has 45 students, when we go to physical education, physical education teacher asked to run a race; ha ha, the 45 students can not run one by one right? Yes, we can run with a few, a few with us how to stop the sports teacher's stopwatch records of the differences? This has to pick a multi-channel function of the stopwatch to use, and now the most basic stopwatch on the market has two memory channels, the meaning of these two is to record the results of two individuals distance Every one, so understand it.


Now on the market there are often 2 to 500 channel stopwatch, the machine products of these stopwatches have long been satisfied with the requirements of the sports coach, and that stopwatch can count how long? As far as I understand this multi-channel stopwatch is generally 10 hours, 2 stopwatch can actually record 24 hours, these are common, maybe your physical education teachers are these types of 2 to 60?

How to operate these channels?

This left and right buttons on the stopwatch, click the left button will record a track, press the left button when the stopwatch screen will pause to see the time used to record the results, while the other did not pause, when we press Right when you see the moment has been running, when the second classmate came and we press the left button, which is suspended and we record the results of the competition, such data do not need to use the pen to record, but Active storage, sports coaches only need to know the students arrived at the final intention of the sequence, because the stopwatch will be from the first result of the students arrived in the last student achievement in the order recorded the results of the competition.