The difference between running on a treadmill and running outside

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

There are a lot of people wanted to ask the question: running on a treadmill and running outside what's the difference?

Answer: "running on a treadmill body feels lighter, more or less because your feet and the ground was pulled backwards, and no wind resistance. Outdoor running need to spend more for you to move forward step by step. Many treadmill is flat, this makes them a good option if you are overweight, or vulnerable (especially with a knee problem, and want to reduce the influence. You can set the treadmill 1% gradient better simulate outdoor running ", the answer can consult,

Because in spirit, you may have a hard time with the monotony of the treadmill. (here are some tips to overcome boredom). When running outside, of course, it is easier to distract yourself. Bottom line: if you're training for a specific outdoor game, try as much as possible outside to prepare for race conditions.