The secret | strengthen running effect reducing weight and speed up the fat burning

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Want to burning point more calories? Actually don't have to change is now conducting running, as long as adding more tips, can help you burn more calories.

Now, try the following several kinds of auxiliary method, can enhance the effect of the running, give you different pleasantly surprised!

Method one: stay away from the home treadmill, outside to go jogging! Because while jogging in the outside, the hard to avoid can meet, small upslope wind resistance to the outside world, these can increase calorie consumption, with sharp movement stopwatch effect will be more obvious.

Method 2: maintain the stable speed when jogging, focuses on the motion of the hands, the coach is often said, by the motion of the hand big and stable, can drive the footsteps move on.

Method 3:2-3 times per week, in the end after jogging, doing the best he 4 to 6 times of in-situ fast running for 10 seconds, such doing can accelerate the fat burning (this is very good oh).

Method 4: if you can't wait to in a short period of time to get fast burning fat thin body effect, suggest you swim on collocation. Because the motion of the arm decision while jogging speed, legs provides power, while lumbar abdominal core muscles in the hand and leg between accounts for an important position. When swimming, waist and abdomen often is in a state of tightening, to help you fight against gravity, to float on the water, so swimming can exercise the waist abdomen, strengthen running limbs strength (the need to a little formal swimming pool).

PS: the best way to exercise is track and field, most can get rid of the fat, especially with our sharp sports stopwatch run, will make your exercise effect increased oh!

Conclusion: physical exercise can more healthy will enhance immunity, especially in the period of change garments according to the available to avoid some flu symptoms, and what is more exercise to burn fat, a lot of to a man highlights muscles, but also can present the concave and convex curve for a lady good figure, can let a person envy.