"Heard" the foreigner running cancer how to run out of health?

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Core tip: someone tweeting says a foreigner who used to run along the street every morning, the results had died of lung cancer this year.How to run to exercise and healthy?

Whether you what mistake for running in the morning?What kind of running in the morning is healthy?

A, don't on an empty stomach!You need carbs

Since early morning run time, after running, most people used to go to have breakfast.However, the university of Memphis Dr Wei-dong li, assistant professor of health and sports sciences said: for a man who like to exercise in the morning, must eat something easy to digest, such as bananas, raisins, sports drinks containing high in carbohydrates, but also in 30 minutes after exercise.But can't eat too much, because a lot of food in the stomach and the stomach in the morning running friction directly, then can appear the symptom of stomach in the morning run, so for a long time can produce gastritis and peptic ulcer.

Wei-dong li suggested: eat some easy to digest food before exercise is to improve the body's blood sugar levels, is not lower than the normal line of the body, to ensure the normal functioning of the body.Fact is, on the other hand, in order to promote better burn body fat, make body functioning more normally.In general, are add bananas, bread, carbohydrate digestion and absorption of food.

Second, running in the morning to go?Air quality is the most important

Beijing chaoyang hospital chief physician respiratory chang hung said: first of all, the fog weather is not suitable for outdoor running in the morning.This is because the fog contains a lot of dust, harmful material such as pathogenic microorganisms.Such as exercise in foggy weather, because of the increased amount of breathing, is bound to take in more toxic substances, affect the supply of oxygen, causing symptoms such as chest tightness, difficulty breathing, severe cases can cause rhinitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, conjunctivitis and other conditions.Second winter morning run should be after 7 PM, because before winter, the ground temperature is low, the morning air release of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other pollutants content is higher.If people get up early to exercise, you will be a lot of smoke and toxic gases.

Chang hung, director of advice: if not professional training, it is better to choose the right time, to exercise outdoor the place with sufficient oxygen, air is fresh.Choose as far as possible when running outside people less traffic, ventilation, air good place such as park bench, school playground, and it is best to mud, grass and other elastic ground.

Three, don't be lazy: exercises to do

Founding director of sports medicine physicians Xu Yan thinks: the research and preparation before exercise don't exercise, is easy to cause muscle, ligaments or joint sprains, the exercise not be normal.Before exercise, the body, the related area of each system are in a state of quiet and resistance, prepare movement will make human body each place, each system, from the static, resist state gradually transition to the excitement, tension, and to be prepared for the body with the maximum load exercise.

Below is xu, director of activities for all listed, don't have to do, all can be adjusted according to individual circumstance.

Knee joint activities, crouch, two hands on knees, clockwise twist knee, 10 times, counterclockwise twisting his knee again.

Activity of the hip, legs do high leg alternately, each do 20 times.

Leg press: relax the shoulders and back, a leg toward the front, knee 90 degrees, make ham parallel to the ground, the other legs bend open, tiptoe, while keeping the body straight.After 10 times, and then change another leg to continue.

Swivel, hands are stretched out, turn the body around the waist.

Feet, stand up, his hands rested on her hips, normal stand a foot, one foot tiptoe, do some rotation, clockwise and then counterclockwise to do for a while.

Before and after the kick to hip and knee.

The upper stretching, rotating around the neck and arm.

Fourth, the night running, running more healthy!

Jian-min cao at Beijing sports university told us: now young people working rhythm is fast, for a morning jog easily affect the time to work, and night running time is very ample, and ran after the home a hot bath to sleep can also help.

However, he also reminded the night running lovers: running at night also want to avoid the happening of the accident.First should choose less traffic park, school, stadium, etc;Secondly in autumn and winter, day and night temperature difference is big, protection of work to do.After motion should be wiped sweat, wear good clothes, later take a bath, washes the bath should be changed into dry soft clothes, don't have sweaty clothes to wear in the body.Clothes are suitable for shoes and socks to at the same time, shoulds not be too tight, so as not to affect the circulation of the blood.

"Come out"Lung cancer?

In the etiology of lung cancer, smoking as the first factor, the second pollution to the atmosphere.Whether the old beauty for smokers is unknown, but a mere eight months, even more serious pollution, also seems to be too "exaggeration", after all, Rome is not build in a day.Due to early lung cancer may be only show the similar "flu" symptoms such as cough, low thermal, easy to ignore or misdiagnosed patients, and the old beauty before we don't know, so, "ran" of lung cancer, is not accurate.