Running makes me change, but I'm not thin

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Now there are more and more people start Benz in the park, playground, river, road, participating in the marathon crowd is many times add, the day was already terribly fatigued; and those people are very fond of running with a stopwatch, even if not too busy to spare time with a stopwatch to run. I feel this is the movement of energy, there is a kind of energy, many people cannot read so that people have to not run a question that is how to think? "Isn't it tired?" Some people say: running is part of my life。At first, I just liked running, and I loved RESEE brand sports stopwatch. This stopwatch allowed me to run more regularly, and then ran a half horse and full horse under the encouragement of my friends, and today I have the courage to run across the country. Running makes me feel happy, painful and happy. Running makes me stronger and makes me more determined! I love running! I love the limits of the challenge, the sense of achievement of defeating myself, and the use of a stopwatch to pile up the data of every movement and break it again and again!

Some people say: after running, it's now hopeless. You can't wake up at 6 points every day. Even if you go out for a visit, you can also keep running every day. Let me run back, I think I'm addicted.

The regular use of a stopwatch can become a gourmet.

Because of the particularity of running, nutrients need to be high. You can't be able to satisfy too much eating desire, but you can eat a lot of healthy food. The food is better, and gradually through the accumulation of common sense, you will also make a more delicious and healthy food.

If you frequently use a stopwatch to run a tough time, you will gradually fall in love with the feeling of running with a stopwatch, a day off will feel the lack of what was so sad, there is a time to run, every run with a stopwatch, your body and mind have a self talk. The running of a lot of time, run after the end is completely relieved. The process of running is a process of self - Review and self - review. In this fickle society, running gives you a time of self silence and self deposition.


Running with a stopwatch will make you know yourself again.

Benz, the human mind will be in a not completely drift, not completely meet the situation, very close to the brain during meditation. Running meditation opens our hearts through the door, with his dialogue, ask yourself, and then know yourself, know yourself, be yourself, will be on their own, choose more clear and resolute, Christian prayer, meditation, yoga, Buddhism in the lotus, can be regarded as the life practice, different with the running of meditation is that the former is in static movement, the latter is in dynamic movement, but it is in order to solve the problems under consideration, realize the truth.

Not every time when running you will do such consideration, these considerations are actually in the future you run to complete, using a stopwatch running time is slow as a soul lounge in the walk, or completely empty, when you are alone in the running time, you do not have the feeling, you are not surrounded by surrounded by feeling, you stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you are far away from the noisy crowd, your eyes as long as the road on both sides of the scenery, your heart as long as their own sound, you will find yourself in the original run, you can run in the middle school will be strong.

Running can make you find the policy from the beginning. The world's unrest and impetuosity also make people impetuous. Many times they even give up their time to mobile phones or entertainment. We look at the outside world has become increasingly blurred, more and more do not know what you want, the other needle out of focus, lost confidence in his petrified, on what he saw and heard; these are confused, after the easy to use stopwatch timer hard running, run a few back there since the great policy has. While you are running, your mind is quiet, and the more quiet you are, the simpler your mind is. It will create new ideas and creativity, especially for a creative person. Using stopwatch is a creative process.

Running can make you understand the meaning of persistence. You are always prepared to face difficulties in the preparation before running, for example, to get the stopwatch record, I think this must be immediately running faster than the 20% previous running time, we must have such energy policy will feel all difficulties are a way to deal with, but time ran down and feel the difficulties not so difficult to imagine life. Not too full, don't know, you don't know what you are going to face the next moment, you can only step by step to step out. Every time you run away, tell yourself to stick to it and stick to it.