The runners use a stopwatch to make us feel very special

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

In 1998, when the troops were transferred from the army, the International Marathon upsurge was not present, and Dingsheng had been in love with running. At rest, we still don't forget to run with a military stopwatch to meet friends. Before running in the army, running is a way of training willpower. Stopwatch is an artifact that records speed. Now, running has become an indispensable part of his life. Stopwatch has also become an indispensable artifact for recording running results.

When asked about how to treat the different identities of soldiers, CEO and runners, Dingsheng Bin took a moment to inform us: "when we served as soldiers, we learned from life skills, and also had responsibilities and obligations to the state and society. After entering the workplace, whether they are rookie newcomers, later business executives, to today's wallet life CEO, these are different social divisions based on their own abilities. The runner's identity is very special. Because it's not a professional athlete, so running is a way of life, and stopwatch is part of running. I have not undertaken any responsibilities and obligations, but that's enough.

Use a stopwatch to record a game

Ding Shengbin is not a casual person. As a CEO, the planning of the work is an important subject. Even if the marathon craze has swept across the country, it has not been eager to test the water as a way of life. The first marathon source life in 2015 Xuanzang road in the desert on foot, some runners inspired, he made up her mind with stopwatch in the first marathon. "The first time to participate in the mood is very good, and the whole process is relatively relaxed. After marathon, I saw the stopwatch in my hand and found that it took 4 hours to finish malathai. Dingsheng bin is happy to recall.


The ability to think independently of a running stopwatch

With the cause of the way high, Ding Shengbin in the eyes of many people, may have to be successful, but encountered difficulties in life and career and then wins the homely fare, bin will use sports stopwatch running to seek "alone" time. He thought that running could give him the ability to think independently, to adjust his mind in time and to feel a different life. At the same time, the seemingly monotonous running helped him to lose his irritable spirit, making him more patient and more eye to eye. He always thought that the people who loved running were more self-control and more successful in their careers.

Ding Sheng bin on, running is not autocratic crazy competition, not nervous crisis medicine, he love to run as a way of life, integrated into all aspects of life, sports also carry a stopwatch, when you want to run when it out of his pocket as a result the calendar running recorder. Even if he was busy, he insisted on running 5-6 days a week, 8-12 kilometers each time, and preparing for a plan for a marathon. Always inform us, "ran the first international tournament, and then run the foreign competition, every year 1-2 foreign run marathon on the line." With regard to Dingsheng bin, the progress of a plan was once a normal life of his life.