The joy and sorrow of running

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Kroll brought the perfect spring interval race in the spring - half marathon,Marathon and more. Many local players run a lot this winter. In the local, two of the most outstanding is the fierce competition at the beginning of February, it is 100 miles, 50 miles and 50 km intervals, and at the beginning of the March marathon race, the length of test participants such as dice in general. I can't guarantee that every competitor can finish such a long race, but if you do that, what do you think will eventually be a gesture! For teachers of Kim Johnson, the job is just as she expected. Johnson is one of the six local residents who run the marathon. 20 other residents participated in the half marathon and marathon race.

Johnson was recorded at 4:43:39 by the stopwatch and said it was a great experience. For Johnson: "ordinary people and single cycle flat race is over 26.2 miles I milepost advantage. It has been a wish for many years to run such a long distance. But after experiencing half the difficulties, I can't surround myself with how to make the interval double.


"I finally decided to sign up to participate in the competition, because I would never take this running practice seriously unless I was involved in the competition. I'm happy and I did it! "Rolle had a different experience when he tried to complete a number of 100 miles of competition. He said, "my goal is to run every 25 miles, and after all, I want to speed it up for about 7 hours, and finish the competition in about 28 hours." After the first two cycles through his, his "partner" for his help. But work is no longer carried out as planned.

"All the people's proposals were very slim, and it started to damage my body. In 60 miles near, I can't even keep up with my pace. I began to collapse, and sat down and rest several times. "At 70 miles, I totally exhausted my strength, and then I slowed down the running frequency myself, and walked as a walking way. Until the end of the five mile race was a contest, but I was determined to finish the race. When my left foot was swollen, I gradually walked out of the track on the track and went back to the race track to continue the race running. "

 Kroll finished the third round, but did not keep the moment at the beginning of the fourth round. At this time, we only saw the appearance time of the stopwatch is 26 hours, 1 minutes and 41 seconds. The record of the entries shows that he has become the last unfinished, though Kroll still perseveres. It was his third expedite sprint at 100 miles, and this time Kroll succeeded. He said, "I can't wait until the next year to start again."