Break watch break through

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

For the first time since the World Track and Field League Electronic Timekeeping, the first time the Americans came in the 10-second mark was Hynes, who won the gold in the 1968 Mexican Olympic Games with stopwatch record of 9 seconds and 95 seconds. In 1983, the American player Calvin Smith ran out of the new world stopwatch record of 9 seconds 93 . 1987 Air Canada this - Johnson ran 9 seconds 83 the stopwatch new record , the original world of stopwatch record by 0.10 seconds. This - Johnson when it ran out of time on the outcome of the popular rhetoric question that when people do not trust human beings can be so fast to time ran 9 seconds 901 988 Seoul Olympics Ben - Johnson really fell into the Yao Guanzi, his The 9-second world stopwatch record was also cancelled.

In 1991, Japan's third world championships in Tokyo, USA, Karl Lewis , won the championship with stopwatch record of 9 seconds and 86. Humans officially entered the 9 second 90 zone running speed . Karl Lewis was also the first runner to enter the stopwatch 9 seconds 90 running speed. Players. Human meter speed is rapidly improving, the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games in Canada Donovan - Bailey 9 seconds to break the world 84 stopwatch highest record and won was crown Army , American Michael Green in the 1999 season and ran 9 seconds 79 the new stopwatch record, Green became the first 100 meters ran 9 seconds 80 per hour mark human trapeze.


Bolt in June 2008 ran 9 seconds 72 times in the New York Grand Prix stopwatch new record, when he broke his compatriots Asafa - Powell in September 2007 to create a stopwatchthe previous world record of 9 seconds 94. Bolt ran 9 seconds in the 2008 Beijing Olympics to break the world 's stopwatch record and become the first man to rush into the 9 second 70 stopwatch data . In the 2009 World Championships in Berlin, Bolt ran out of a new world record of 9 seconds and 58 to reload a series of stopwatch data records . According to the statistics of Tian Lisai's stopwatch , Bolt is the only one so far. A trapeze who can run into the 60 seconds of 9 seconds.

Bolt's peak has repeatedly threatened to run 9 seconds 40+. However, the foul of the Daegu World Championships in 2011 was a straight offensive of Bolt from the peak. Although he ran for 9 seconds and 63 seconds at the London Olympics, Bolt's 9-second 80 mark was difficult to break through in the last two years, and the absolute speed has dropped a lot. Bolt will mankind meter speed increased from 74-9 seconds 9 seconds 58 of stopwatch data directly to single-handedly fastest human one hundred meters faster 0.16 seconds , though just a little bit, but with the strength it can Refreshes the world's stopwatch record .