Get used to these movements before and after running

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

One of the latest ways to run is to run micro-blog on the side of running, to inform your friends about your running lines, running miles, and where you run.Zhao Ruiqiang is the earliest experience in a running friendThe atmosphere of the marathon, 2006 birthday, he chose the Milky Way Interchange - Whampoa - Zhongshan road - Tianhe Sports Center - Shuiyinlu - District Zhuang - Yuntai Garden - Guangzhou trail run in this line, no one organization, no one to help, no one accompanied by conditions. "I had been looking for a friend to be a rear service, but he didn't have the past, and I ran this group.Choosing that day is because I have never left a meaningful birthday, and my dream is to run a marathon, so I hope to finish a marathon on the birthday. On the first stopwatch, the second watch, which showed 4 hours and 15 minutes stopwatch record, recorded the results, and Jacky said it was good. "Just begin to practice not long, run to the District Zhuang interchange will not move, 35 kilometers after the journey has to be done by walking." After that, Jacky completes a similar "marathon" every month, and progress is fast.


It was not until March 2007 that Zhao Ruiqiang first participated in the real big international marathon (Xiamen marathon). But because of the 3 months of training in the middle of the training period, and the lack of training in the preparatory period, Zhao Ruiqiang suffered an unfortunate knee injury when he ran to 27 kilometers. "It's hard to bear this effect beforehand, but I think since I have come, I still have to stick to the competition." Zhao Ruiqiang took a slow walk in front of it, and it took about 5 hours before and after the start. The injured for a long time, Jacky in half a year after the re start to run.

The construction of the Guangzhou marathon run group led the club, Zhao Ruiqiang has repeatedly organized large marathon runners in late, let him deep impression once in 2010, is still to go to Xiamen to run a marathon, "it is our first person under the banner of the competition, the scale is quite large, we were the more than 80 runners, dinner time accounted for eight or nine of the table."