Make sports tourism boost the county economy and social development of a new engine

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Current our country has entered the decisive stage of build a well-off society in an all-round way, with the rapid growth of economy and people's living level of constantly progress, the people of diverse and growing need for tourism and leisure sports activities, sports activities and to the focus, attending matches, experience the present and sightseeing as important situation, aiming at satisfying fitness entertainment, tourism and leisure emerging sports tourism property is.

Sports, and tourism are pay attention to the property of "experience", both sides in nature and complementary and mutually promote, sports activities for holiday tourism provides an important support, compared with the relatively static to travel, will is past professional competitive sports activities to expand for wide visitors are interested in and have time to present the experience of class activities, visitors experience the feeling will be promoted greatly, tourism and sports provides an important platform for the display, become an important power to promote sports goods inoculation happened long. Is particularly in some parts of the Midwest, skiing, mountain climbing, marathon, mountain biking, hiking and other outdoor activities developed summon up. Sports tourism has gradually become the people's important living method, arises at the historic moment of the sports tourism also accompanied the people survive the practical living benefit ?

A growth of sports tourism, country policy entourage of property

Since 2016, the general office of the state council has issued the guiding opinions on accelerated growth fitness leisure property (countries do hair [2016] no. 77) and "about further expanding tourism culture and sports fitness consumption endowment teaching training category views" (countries do hair [2016] no. 85), for the further implementation of the above requirements, country tourism, the state general administration of sports in December 22, 2016, cooperate issued concerning the full on the growth of sports tourism in guiding opinions "(dragon hair [2016] no. 172)," opinion "pointed out clearly: sports tourism is a tourism property and physical property of depth fusion emerging property form, so the sports as the focus, attending matches, experience the present and sightseeing as important situation, in fitness entertainment, tourism and leisure satisfaction as the goal, to

Second, the growth NingShan sports tourism property

Full play to local authorities. Authorities need to disentangle, understand to, to strengthen the understanding and strong faith, detailed content, solid pace. Singing "growth of sports tourism pulling its fiscal third happened long, fuel supply side layout sexual revolution" theme, layout in property, project planning, event planning, promotion, policy of taxes and fees, and other key aspects. Glad to establish the excellent sports tourism growth order and situation, encourage and guide the enterprises and the social structure the conceive, present sports tourism events, sports tourism scenic spots and present project set up set up the equipment deployment, promote sports tourism growth property.

To the county outdoor activities held a comprehensive scientific program. NingShan biggest wind resource is the green water castle peak, relying on the qinling mountains, rich thick mountain outdoor resources is our most valuable possession, is our biggest growth property of sports tourism resources. As the "mountains and rivers  in qinling mountain activities" as the theme of the qinling mountain outdoor activities is the most attract sports interest and visitors to hold sports tourism consumption NingShan carrier of peace. Therefore, we must begin to investigate itself financial confrontation "one to one scene, a scene, a policy" principle, for the sports interest and tourists to provide a series of has the difference, selection of sports tourism project, called out "as the event NingShan", growth between them to NingShan frequency and stop immediately, ?

Expand the "China? (NingShan) in qinling mountain cross-country provocation" brand influence. China's qinling is along with same latitude of the European Alps of famous mountains. China? Qinling mountains (NingShan) off-road mountain provocation "project has now become the table of shaanxi province has a certain influence of brand, but in the world scale influence is limited. So we have to formulate a concept of "brand competition", constantly expand the events of the famous degree, in order to better construct event attracted the world so that the high degree of outdoor living around the world to compete, outdoor activities, interest and attract more visitors to viewing. Since event planning stage is above the crossing points plan, confrontation "control province, facing the world, attracting global" principle, to establish ?

Pay attention to the study of enlightenment, the backwardness. Growth of sports tourism, property map cities and counties have early start in the peaceful as precedent. Like, weinan in shaanxi province is the only country level sports property contact point, than to come under the help of the provincial sports bureau, the innovation "sport + tourism" thoughts, has built the west international climb a mountain climbing bases, the Yellow River wetland ecological activity leisure tourist area, etc.for the ten to property projects, landgent ZhuXiBei hundred held Olympic committee (ioc) will cycle racing, "future star" sunshine sports competition and other large-scale sports event, build up big li's first bicycle highway, shayuan motor sliding sand and halogen Yang lake aviation experience of sports tourism resources, parachuting, etc. Weinan sports consumption in 2014 reached 4 billion yuan, the comprehensive tourism income of 25.2 billion yuan.

Introducing market mechanism, benign growth foundation. Growth of sports tourism property, pay attention to the introduction of market mechanism, make enterprise into the mainstream and the main force, the authorities can't do. Chongqing wulong for tourism marketing, relying on the mountain resources, starting from 2004, acceptance of authority is contributive to held the first international mountain inviting outdoor activities, after the competition gradually marketized operation, mutual aid, and other professional company with absorbing property groups influence has grown, so far, chongqing wulong has been held at the 14th international mountain outdoor activity openly, grow to become the world number one international outdoor activities, A level events. We are going to study in chongqing wulong model, realize the authorities from the start of the money to assist the late to rely on the profit of the event, landgent ?

Promotion of sports tourism publicity breadth. Stop in the propaganda media, on the base of the province actively seize the mutual aid, with heavyweight propaganda media such as CCTV, phoenix TV, travel TV, China sports daily, xinhua, sohu net, etc. Channels to the tournament by satellite TV and NingShan gently beautiful natural scenery, competition make hundreds of millions of viewers can watch live, but also useful promotion event famous degree and influence, also can further be launched "NingShan" this beautiful beautiful hand.