stopwatch for physical exercise has a better effect on the body

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

1. The use of stopwatch exercise on the skeletal effects

    Strict use of the sports exercise of stopwatch, can improve the bone blood circulation and enhance the innovation of the bones, so that the diameter of the thickened bone thickening, bone display rules, uniform, more solid bones, bone consolidation, With the good changes in the shape of the bone structure, bone flexion, bending, anti-tightening and other aspects of talent have made great progress. The reason why the human body can grow taller and grow up is that the myeloid cartilage between the two ends of the bone and the trunk may proliferate from time to time before the complete ossification occurs. Visible, in children, adolescents, that is completely epiphyseal cartilage ossification before, actively involved in the use of stopwatch severe temper helps to grow taller. Strong physique, slender limbs, it is the inner beauty of many young people trying to dream of the United States.


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2. Often use the stopwatch for exercise on the muscles of the impact

    Strict use of sports training to stopwatch can increase the muscle size. Weightlifting, bodybuilding and other energetic use of stopwatch Severe muscle transport block project was significantly larger than normal, which illustrates the use of stopwatch sports exercise on the muscle volume is very clear, just stop using the stopwatch of the limited type of ineffective strength training You can make the muscle size increases, and what kind of muscle training, what the size of the muscle increases. Muscle strength and muscle cross-sectional area is inversely proportional to the addition of muscle volume, strength is also added accordingly, and the use of stopwatch sports temper stringent requirements I can exercise the level of exercise muscle strength is also very clear, a few weeks of strength exercises Will cause a clear addition of muscle strength.

    During exercise, some muscle stretching and stretching exercises are often stopped, so that the elasticity of the muscles can be added, so as to prevent the human body from forming various sports injuries due to the violent expansion and extension of the muscles in daily activities and sports tempering process.


3.Sports tempering the use of stopwatch will affect the respiratory system

Everyone is well aware that once a person stop using the stopwatch violent exercise, breathing will immediately slow down, heart rate also followed a lot slower. This is because the human body begins to use stopwatch violent exercise, rely on the rapid movement of skeletal muscle to provide power, and muscle exercise stretching is to spend energy, these energy is produced by the body of glucose and oxygen to produce food Provide sugar, breathing oxygen, the blood sugar and oxygen through the circulation to the muscle tissue for muscle stretching exercise to spend, so when the body violent exercise, it requires a small amount of energy supply, breathing and heartbeat had to slow down, The use of stopwatch to measure the amount of time has a better effect.


Children and adolescents often participate in the harsh use of stopwatch sports temper can promote the development of respiratory system, minor table Now respiratory muscle thriving, bust expansion, increased lung capacity, under normal conditions stopwatch has played a constant pressure on children, can make children more able Delivery exercise effect. Ordinary people's vital capacity average, 3500ml for men and women for 2500ml, and those who often participate in sports can reach more than 5000ml. Static breathing depth enhancement, quiet when the respiratory rate is reduced, the average person every 12-18 times, while the delivery of 8-12 times per minute. The body needs to inhale more oxygen during exercise, emit a small amount of carbon dioxide, which require weak lung function to complete. Breathing good, conducive to maintaining the body's strong spirit, delaying the body's aging process.


4.Sports tempering the use of stopwatch on the cardiovascular system

  Whenever a coach uses stopwatch and has a severe physical activity, it can promote muscular activity, and muscles need more blood to replenish the oxygen and nutrients they consume while transporting more carbon dioxide and metabolites, The task load of the heart increases, resulting in slow heart rate, increased blood flow, systemic blood circulation lost improved. Myocardial muscle also lost temper, the heart expands, the heart rate increases.
Engaged in severe physical exercise must use high-end stopwatch, especially long work, small-intensity physical activity (aerobic exercise) can make the body slow when the human heart rate, this situation can make the heart have a longer rest period, in order to increase Myocardial fatigue. Often use the stopwatch to participate in sports training of people or athletes in both quiet and athletic form, stroke volume than normal average high effect is more clear. Especially in the exercise mode, stroke volume added more clearly, this change makes people generally use the stopwatch in sports training and have more stringent requirements for myself, so you can have a greater heart rate input Volume, to meet the body's violent exercise needs.


5. Sports temper the use of stopwatch can improve the body's anti-disease ability

  This time with the number of white blood cells and immune protein content. Research shows that a reasonable use of the stopwatch sports temper can improve the number and function of white blood cells, in particular, can improve the classification of leukocytes have an important role in the number of lymphocytes, which through the use of the enthusiasm of the use of stopwatch sports temper can improve the body's resistance Sickness is crucial. In addition, the use of sports training exercise stopwatch can also improve the body's natural killer cells and immunoglobulin levels, but also ineffective to improve the body's disease resistance and disease prevention capabilities. This is particularly important for frail young people.


 In addition, juvenile, children's growth and growth of the campaign. Lack of exercise in children without appetite during the day and can not sleep in the morning. Consequences, to fall into the very tired night want to sleep, and can not sleep in the morning. In the morning breakfast did not eat and go to class, drowsy one day, one day clearly the lack of a vicious cycle of exercise. The use of stopwatch movement itself can promote the secretion of growth hormone, excessive fatigue after exercise can make people sleep well, sleeping incense, we also know young, children's sleep can promote the secretion of growth hormone. After full body movement, appetite can be added to sleep in the morning. In the evenings, I can wake up naturally and wake up, eat breakfast, eat well, and start a new day with good posture.