Use stopwatch Insist on running for a year, but not stretching exercise, what will be the consequences? Scary answer

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

As long as you know a little about running, you know that stretching is very important for running. Although many professional coaches and the media have earnestly warned those who love running, Don't use sports stopwatch the people to give enough attention to stretching after exercise, but use stopwatch after the move, a little relax to go home but it is still normal.

Well, people can not help but ask: Why use stopwatch stretch after running? What are the benefits of stretching after running ?

The so-called professional stretch,Using a stopwatch rigorous exercise  is to stretch the muscles and ligaments of a sport. If you run less or not stretched after stretching, it will lead to decreased muscle elasticity, physical posture may become more and more rigid body.

The incorrect posture will lead to continuous superimposed impact during exercise, thus causing sports injuries and pain. At the same time, pain may also lead to muscle spasm, further aggravating muscle tension, resulting in a vicious circle. If you do not stretch, the body will be destroyed step by step,So remember to be sure to use a stopwatch in doing sports。


Continuous running, but not stretching, what will be the consequences?

If within 1 month after running without stretching , running three or four times per week, people will not have too much feeling, there is no need to develop the habit of stretching after running the idea seems to be no big problem, the actual On the muscle has been tightened trend.

If you run for two months in a row and do not stretch after running, muscle elasticity begins to decrease, becomes more tight, may not feel significant when exercising, but leg pain is more likely to occur the day after exercise The phenomenon.


If you do not stretch after six consecutive years of running, the muscle length may be shortened a lot, the muscle elasticity is getting worse, the muscles are getting tight. There is a good chance of joint pain at this point, and pain and fatigue are more likely to be felt the day after exercise.

If you run continuously for 1 year without no use stopwatch the stretching after running , muscle performance will be greatly reduced, the muscles feel very hard, obviously too much muscle tension, muscle elasticity decreased significantly, joint flexibility and flexibility will be greatly reduced .

This time, may not run long to feel joint pain, discomfort, or running from the beginning of joint pain, and even usually feel the joints faint. This shows that the leg has been suffering from sports-induced injuries, and will affect the normal running, and even make people have to reduce the running or interrupted running.

And use stopwatch the sports after running a regular stretching exercise is not only conducive to muscle recovery, but also ease fatigue and better relax the body.

Not only that, use stopwatch the stretching after running has the following benefits:

use stopwatch let the body more easily exercise, thereby enhancing the body's coordination.

to prevent muscle sprain.

to use stopwatch expand the body's range of motion, stretching exercise will allow the movement unfettered.

use stopwatch sports helps to maintain body flexibility, the body will not become more and more stiff due to age.

use stopwatch the sports make the muscles more compact, more and more smooth lines.