Difference body fat scale & weight scale between

发布时间 : 2021-07-12
I will first talk about body fat scales, weight scales: the appearance and fat scales are similar, the use of tempered glass panels and LED screen (white is the number of LED lights), then how the numbers appear? This is very simple, in fact, the figure is a piece of plastic taken to do the hole (that is hollow), the hole is the number 8 model, and some to show what the gesture of digital or English gesture out of the hole and then smart chip control LED lights on the line (across the glass LED lamp + hollow plastic, LED lights lit is a professional LED screen), but there are LCD digital display screen, the LCD digital screen with the same screen about the same electronic watches Just bigger, but also added a light '(I wrote this screen is really cumbersome); there are four internal component sensor is hidden in the chassis four feet inside. But it can only weigh the human body weight, and we can also be used to weight scale other things, with active shutdown function and display screen.


RESEE RS6009 scale 

Each launch in the display screen number does not appear before 0 can put some items (such as plates and the like to place a small object box), put it aside for a while it will also take the initiative to show 0, the weight scale will not be before Items included in the component, and then wait until it appears on the screen after 0 into the small objects to be weighed, which is how much the body fat scale will appear (unit: g), this gesture is not a bit like the weight scales on the market ah ? That's right! indeed so.

If you are on the market to buy food may use the general electronic scale will use the weight scale, simple weight scales is a weighed component of the body fat scale, just to make a smooth people stand up to facilitate the body fat scale, So called weight scale

Next, I will mention the fat scale, then it and the weight scale difference can be big;

Fat scales: the appearance is also made of toughened glass and conductive metal; the internal is composed of four component sensors and intelligent analysis chip and some Bluetooth module and WiFi modules and other materials, so have the need to connect the mobile application APP, The screen is the same as the screen with the weight scale LED screen, if the LCD and weight scales the same screen, 5 seconds active switch, but the difference is that the internal function is completely different from an equivalent.


RESEE RS7018 fat scale

Fat scales can be measured to the various structures of our body, such as fat, water, bone, protein, body age, muscle mass, etc., smart micro-chip current through the various parts of the body and the amount of structure subdivision WiFi or Bluetooth communication To mobile APP, mobile phone APP to share a variety of data.

The most basic function of the fat scale to at least come out of human fat, two now and can weight scale out the body a lot of arrangement of the amount of the structure, it can be said that health may be the body fat scale, not just body fat scale fat so simple .

The above sharing is what I know, if not, please forgive me, I am not almighty, I hope we can help!