Fitness and weight loss, fat scale exclusive

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Food heating effect is caused by eating the phenomenon of energy cost increase. Human body in the process of feeding, in addition to food, chewing movement cost of heat, and for the nutrients in food digestion, absorption and metabolism of transformation, and thus needs energy rating. This caused by ingestion of nominal cost of heat is called food heating effect.

Fat fat food heating of the heat energy intelligence scale screen shows that 4% - 4%, carbohydrate 5% - 5%, and protein, can reach 30% 40%. Happened many of the causes of the difference, fat, carbohydrate, leading to supply the body with energy and protein in the food of the function of amino acids for human body needs protein, this process than fat, protein into pure heat consuming more energy. What happened, high protein food heating time is longer, according to the fat scale measurement evaluation, calorie consumption can reach 10-12 hours, this is also due to the process of protein more clutter. In accordance with the three major nutrients thermogenesis, the heating effect of the mixed food effect can be equivalent to 10% of the basal metabolism.

If during a reduced fat diet to adjust within reasonable scale, and use a lot of fat scales as auxiliary, increase the intake of protein, tightening fat intake, it can increase food heating effect, will increase the total calories consumed every day. Thus reduced fat must be used during weight loss scale, should pay more attention to the intake of protein, reduced fat intake.


Gym fitness, more should be reduced fat, rather than water and muscle. In total calorie intake is less than the cost of time, the body will be consuming fat and muscle, but food high in protein intake, decreased muscle differentiation power share, preserve muscle with as many as possible. Total calorie intake is greater than the cost, the fat scale is likely to be able to measure the body fat, and display various structures such as carbohydrate, protein, and fat, the speed and ease of body fat is different. Food fat than protein faster more simple composition of body fat, these are to be pay attention to protein intake, reduced fat intake.

In fact this three only regulates the supply nutrients, according to different specification can be divided into many varieties, existing way there are many in the food. Let's launch in the diet to eat high quality food. Specifically, daily dietary carbohydrate foods we initiated more cluttered sugar (e.g., all kinds of coarse grains), not advocating simple eating too much sugar, glucose, fruit drinks, candy cakes). Clutter carbon in vivo differentiation slower, not big shake blood sugar, of fat also slower than simple sugar, simple sugar, on the other hand. Protein level of high-quality primary depends on whether the protein amino acid content in full uniform, and the protein fat content in food is too high. Chicken egg white to the typical high quality protein such as fish, plant protein, mostly due to incomplete protein lack of some essential amino acids, mutton are complete proteins such as pork, but the meat in fat content is higher also. Classification of fat many, the high quality of fat such as flaxseed oil, olive oil, all kinds of nuts. Trans fatty acids is a typical bad fats, many exist in various kinds of processed foods "delicious".

Should appear in the reasonable meal, carbon water is the best energy in human history, should occupy more than 50% of the total quantity of heat, tight constraints of fat intake does not represent can eradicate the intake of fat, fat reducing fat intake during occupies 25% of the total quantity of heat, high quality protein intake can occupy 25% of the total calories - 35%, for such as per kilogram of body weight during the reduced fat intake of 4 g protein, the fat 1 g, 1.5 to 2.5 g protein. This is reasonable scale of floating, most of the crowd.

The importance of water to the body does not do wordiness. Besides some fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins and a variety of minerals, the cellulose many exists in all kinds of fruits and vegetables, and claims that we eat a moderate amount of fruit, eat more vegetables, low energy, and satiety is strong decreased appetite. Modern diet is not actually a lack of vitamins and minerals, the only relatively lack is cellulose, cellulose and has its own special effects, however, so it is also launching our other one of the most important reason to eat more vegetables.