stopwatch record of the running speed of 6 sec 48 per week

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Coach to now have nearly eight months time, this is my first time with the team to participate in the competition, it can be said that the level of no less than when I was nervous when athletes, but see their performance was quite delighted, Zhang Peimeng said waiting for the disciple can be progress and eventually was elected national team, hoping to cultivate more country team of Tsinghua University.

As a long-distance running champion, Zhang Peimeng of Shanghai's Xu Zhouzheng won yesterday in the 60 meters in 6 seconds 48 stopwatch is success very shocked, this result is put in the China or whether the world is a very excellent results, second Chinese is next to Su Bingtian's good results, Zhang Peimeng thought to result Xu Zhou Zheng 60 m as a reference, he had recorded 100 meter stopwatch can run up to 10 seconds and a few, even under 10 seconds, it should be said that all Chinese strength of 100 meters is still a great progress.


When asked about the time in the August Asian Games in Jakarta state, Zhang Peimeng thought only is not detected, Xie Zhenye and Subing add will hopefully won in the 100 meters, 200 meters on the two projects, from the individual point of view, I think the Subing add in the 100 meters title should not have what achievement, stopwatch Xie Zhenye in the 200 meter title should not too many achievements,Because they have now reached an international level. Zhang Peimeng thought that with prediction results, radical said Su Bingtian 100 meters 9 seconds 95 can also break the stopwatch strength, and the best results Zhenye Xie now running stopwatch result is 20 seconds 20, if the training system fluctuations, he should be able to impact the results. If you run to stopwatch record that breaks through 20 seconds 20, the champion is not so suspense.

At the same time, Zhang Peimeng also admitted that not only rely on the strength of the group progress you must think the stopwatch data recording results of 4X100 meters relay can run better, the influence of relay elements too much, but also involves the transfer, with the strength of the balance level and so on, Zhang Peimeng thought that at present Xie Zhenye, Su Bingtian and Xu Zhou Zheng are morphological fluctuations, but the first bar the activity of the China team is still relatively large, if you can have a degree and they are more close to the team, plus the perfect transition, I think it will inorganic red gold, of course, the Japanese team strength should not be considered small.