Stick to the use of stopwatches to record running

发布时间 : 2021-07-12
With the weather getting warmer, we went out and start to the campaign, most people choose to run so it needs sports stopwatch, tomorrow we will have a look at the breakdown of what is actually running benefits, why more and more people love to take stopwatch to go running, keep running, you will fall in love with running! After running, the blood supply and oxygen supply of the brain can be increased by 25%, so that the quality of sleep in the night will also improve. This is very important for people who have poor quality of sleep. Do it quickly, let you sleep, sleep well!


30 minutes of uniform jogging can extinguish more than 390 calories, on the contrary, the single car can only extinguish 277 calories! Absolutely other sports, in the four hours after you use stopwatchexercise, the body can still be in a high new form and put out more fat! Often jogging exercises, the strength of the tendon, ligaments and joints can be enhanced, and the use of the stopwatch needs to increase the risk of exercise injury.At the same time, the skin, often using stopwatch stop endurance running, can promote muscle and connective tissue can become more strong. In the process of running, there is often stopwatch in hand. The capacity of the lungs rises from 5.8 liters to 6.2 liters. At the same time, the amount of oxygen carried in the blood will also be greatly increased.But in the day to insist on the use of stop few running exercise is more important, often use some stop running in the evening exercise can improve the overall quality of your body, but if excessive exercise, high strength exercise it can backfire, so it is necessary to use stopwatch to record,It is necessary to make a reasonable plan according to my physical condition. In the motion of stopwatch, the frequency and effect of the heart beat are greatly improved, and the heart, blood pressure and the elasticity of the blood vessel wall also decrease. According to the research of American Illinois University found that the long time use stopwatch running and cardiopulmonary exercise will allow you to reduce food repercussions around 15%, although the time is about 0.03 seconds, but enough to make others think you are more sensitive, more attention to detail, easier to make a good impression!