Sports stopwatch intellisense environment

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

In today's society, with the popularization and updating of electronic products, our lives are becoming more and more abundant. From home to outdoor sports and fitness, we have corresponding electronic products to enrich our lives. Let us feel very interesting and bring us with us. It's very convenient. Here, I think everyone seems to have overlooked a lightweight electronic product. Whenever we run in a gym class, the fierce sports teacher takes a measurement of our running time. The kind of electronic stopwatch with the results, this product can be said to be easily ignored, but is indispensable in our physical fitness; and the market is also there, always visible.

Even if it is ignored, it is only ignored by some people who are not using it and who do not care, and now the stopwatch is not only simple, but it has become intelligent, although the role of the stopwatch is indispensable, however, There is also a function that we can not think of. This function is environment awareness, it can monitor the environment where you are walking or running, as well as the user's environment. Of course, now we all use mobile phones, computers, tablets and so on. Advanced, then the sports stopwatch used by physical education teachers is also the same, and it will gradually become intelligent again. Such sports stopwatch will become valuable and practical in our society.


The sports game chronograph has been planned for appearance and function positioning before the manufacturer has developed it, and the commissioning is both test and improvement. This process made me feel powerful to be able to put environmental monitors in the stopwatch, because I feel strange that after some investigation, it turns out that it is a smart chip that controls an environmental detector. This process is controlled by the API program. The environment detector detects what environment you are in. It transfers it to the smart chip, and then the smart chip conveys the display screen. Finally, it is observed by our naked eyes; so many things that haha said haven't really been said yet. The electronic stopwatch that can sense the environment is actually equipped with an environment sensor. The sensor is installed in the stopwatch, but it needs to touch the light outside the circle. The shell that needs the stopwatch opens a small hole. Can not find; still is a perfect product, haha, our developers are powerful!

Although not as smart as a cell phone and a computer, the principle of manufacturing is the same as that of a software application. Many things are done through programming, so that you can complete sports stopwatch with a powerful imagination. What is the use of this? This is a very useful energy. Whenever we run with stopwatch, we run and run to the wet environment. If you use stopwatch without this context-awareness function, you may fall because of running. It's not the same as holding a stop watch with environmental awareness. Because it is your intimate service, it can monitor the environment around you and also know what the user is in and display on the screen. This means that your colleagues who are running avoid a lot of unnecessary things; is it very convenient, ah, I share this today.