Waterproof stopwatch principle

发布时间 : 2021-07-09
In today’s society, there are different groups of people. As a result, organizations, groups, and teams of various systems emerge. In order to make the lives of various organizations more orderly, managers and judges are selected. This level of personnel is stronger for them. To find ways to militarize some irregular and abnormal people, this process requires training-specific stopwatches to make their movements and reaction capabilities faster. This requires rigorous training. Over time, it is called a militarized exercise. Their ideal is a unity and unity, but there will be some people who are rated as tidy and regular.


In order to train these groups in a more orderly manner and train them until they need more stopwatches , until now we have gradually appeared various stopwatches . There are various shapes and alarm clocks. , there are hundreds of people at the same time can be recorded stopwatch game , the magic is there actually a way to waterproof effect in a short time stopwatch ; this is not a little curious about it? Then we will discuss the principle of this waterproof !


The sports game stopwatch is very simple and has small electronic products. I read the waterproof structure of the referee's stopwatch in the engineering department of our company . In fact, it is a small thing. What makes this stopwatch waterproof ? Haha, here It doesn't bend around, it's a rubber band, and each structure of the sports stopwatch has gaps. However, these gaps incorporate a rubber that can be waterproofed into the inside and firmly seal the PC board and other structures inside thestopwatch .

Haha, so you can let us use this stopwatch accidentally when wet process Or wash clothes together and will not damage usthan race stopwatch , or even taking a dip in half a day on the water and swim or take, Here I will talk about how this waterproof ring was put in.


 The general sports competition stopwatch has a shell and some PCBs and various electronic components. The electronic components are installed in the middle of the electronic stopwatch and completely enclosed by the shell. However, we have to do waterproof sports stopwatch will have to start from the shell, and the shell is just plastic, are generally made of environmentally friendly ABS injection molding, because these manufacturers can do better, and those waterproof rubber ring in fact is a kind of silicone injection molded, such a variety of shapes can be made of silica gel; the basis of this we stopwatch shape and size of the injection slot and out the stopwatch must be made to accommodate a small gap waterproof ring housing , do a good job in which waterproof ring in accordance with the electronic stopwatch in the housing gap is doing fixed, and thestopwatch screw must be designed outside the scope of the waterproof ring.


Haha, where this is so simple, we think about it carefully. A stopwatch for a sports game consists of so many structures. For example, "In addition to the combination, there are multiple buttons and displays, etc.?" Small gaps are to be added to these waterproof loops, and small gaps should be added to the waterproof ring. It is because there are irregularities and too small, good things will be difficult to do, but only this is not afraid of hardships, willing to invest in Manufacturers can make a better level of waterproof game stopwatch , but not absolute waterproof, smart delay who invades and prevent damage.


Because this high level of waterproof stopwatch is also more difficult to do, the market's stopwatch appears to be subdivided, such as " swimming stopwatch , this is the most advanced waterproof stopwatch ." As far as I know, the waterproof of this electronic product has a waterproof grade. The three defenses of electronic products: dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof; today I'm talking about waterproofing. The waterproof grade is ip53, ip55, ip58, ip65 grade, ip67 grade, ip68 level, the water level is our most common on the market now, electronic stopwatch sport the most advanced waterproof rating ip68 grade undoubtedly, this should be regarded swim swimming stopwatch is waterproof, so Say let everyone know on the line.