Run 150 meters in South Africa, said Michael

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

In an athletics event held at the Tuks Stadium in Pretoria, American track and field superstar Gatlin lost in the women's 150m race. He had only recorded the data in the fourth stopwatch for 15 seconds 23 . The champion was won by South Africa's national 200m national record holder, Jobe Dewana, whose achievement was 15 seconds 08, a figure that glittered in the stopwatch . This is Gatlin's first race in the 2018 season, he suffered the first defeat of the new season.

Last August's World Championships in London, in the game stopwatch display Gatlin 9 seconds 92 seconds, the first to Bolt 0.03 seconds to win results, and finally get rid of the "thousands of young II" hat before Bolt service. However, Gatlin received a buzz at the scene from tens of thousands of London visitors, and the IAAF chairman Sebastian Co. also made a cold remark against Gatlin.


Gatlin was the 100m champion of the World Championships. She was invited by the South African Association of Athletics to participate in the competition. The contest has a definite nature. Gatlin did not run the 100 meters he was best at, but took part in the 150-meter race. The women's 150m is not an official IAAF competition. Before that, Bolt had a 14-second 35-second stopwatch . Gatlin's performance in the game was very common, not only did not catch up with the leader of the Jordan Bodewana, near the starting point was also the other two players with the same field overtaking, and ultimately only achieved fourth place.

Gatlin was over 36 years old on February 10th last year. The outside world is skeptical that he can maintain the top level of the world in this age. According to pre-match U.S. media reports, Gatlin did not plan to serve in the short term. He wanted to run for two more years and participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It is reported that Gatlin plans to open her 100-meter journey for women in the new season on the Shanghai station of the IAAF Diamond League in May of last year.