Young people exclusive sports bracelet

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

The RESEE brand RS9004 bracelet is equipped with an optical heart rate sensor on the reverse side, while the heart rate sensor is slightly raised to ensure full contact with the skin and to ensure the success and accuracy of heart rate monitoring. Support real-time heart rate monitoring, but real-time heart rate monitoring is only active by default.

Rui race hand ring selected snaps planning, even more convenient to wear, and can easily scale conditioning wristbands, used to wear the needs of different users. At the same time use TPU skin-friendly wrist strap material, long-term wear will not feel any discomfort, but also has a certain anti-Wu Khan characteristics.

RESEE bracelet use quick-release wristband planning, a few seconds to be able to end the replacement, wear more cool, but also make the day more colorful. RS9004 bracelet to wear very fit wrist, more suitable for everyday wear, not easy to fall in the sports scene

As a sports bracelet , sports monitoring is one of its most important functions, for which we also conducted a practical test. RESEE bracelet needs cooperation Bluetooth mobile APP application, the specific binding process is to go into details, and the general smart bracelet is no different, after the binding can be checked on the phone APP real-time sports data.

Rui bracelet now have the wild run, indoor run, field cycling, walking away from the four forms of exercise are optional, because the climate is colder, we chose the form of walking a simple test, because the RS-9004 bracelet itself is not With GPS, so still need to use mobile phones to record sports track. In settings, the user can call the prompts, App tell tips, lift the wrist bright screen and other functions for detailed settings

Judging from our practice tests, the Rings bracelet can record some basic exercise data, including time spent. Speed, calories, pace, heart rate, etc., and can check the speed of the icon, heart rate, altitude changes, the sports bracelet , it should be said that the motor function is now satisfied with the daily use

In addition to exercise monitoring, sleep monitoring is also a very important function of the bracelet . RS9004 bracelet supports active sleep monitoring. It not only records the length of sleep, but also records the deep sleep, light sleep and awake time during sleep, Have a better understanding of the quality of their sleep, given a certain quality of sleep analysis

In terms of features and functions, RESEE bracelet to check the weather a week, the air index, while the ring can switch the alarm directly, countdown, stopwatch , brightness, for the dial, etc., in the use of more convenient.

Waterproof bracelet test:

In order to be satisfied with the demands of exercising, the general sports bracelet will have a certain waterproof ability, but the waterproof performance of the RESEE bracelet is more outstanding. According to the official parameters, RESEE bracelet support ip67 waterproof, but because of the constraints, we can not carry out deep water test, so only through the basic flushing and immersion test, to feel under this bracelet waterproof. After all, after a minute of flushing and a 3-minute flooding test, the RESEE bracelet was still working properly and the touch operation was also unaffected.

Now, RS9004 bracelet may be the only regret that there is no built-in GPS module, but usually with mobile phones can also reach the same sports record function, the impact on daily use is relatively small. To sum up, RS-9004 bracelet is still a worth buying sports bracelet.