Before the race Dyer Scarth stopwatch record

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

The indoor Marathon Mark had two laps to finish the track. She gave her coach Mike Barnesno, his thumbs up, and looked sad.

Just a few meters before the starting line, she turned to the kind of stopwatch on the side of the track and raised her hand .

Then nothing went into the competition . She fulfilled her obligation to finish in two hours, stopwatch data 40 minutes and 55.3 seconds.

The 31 -year-old former Scarsdale high school player, Serff, broke the male indoor marathon record in the Armory on Saturday.

In the hands of the stopwatch, Baroque, the founder of the Westchester Speedway Club, coached Shelve from the beginning of the 13th . He had said before, " This is the part of the first four miles, because there are 32 laps left by Sherff .

But Shelf made it easy to make the first lap  -  just like her.

The interval is an intact 26.2 mile marathon race, known as the Armory's New York Indoor Marathon World Record Challenge.

This contest is part of the running weekend. Few runners run from six marathons on Friday to Sunday. The gains were sustained by the Armory Foundation, which counsels and assists disadvantaged children in college.

In the next game, Scherf followed the relay race including the winning Scarsdale Track Club . There was no record of any record requirement.

Old World race stopwatch record was 2 : 42.30 , the US men's marathon record indoor display in the stopwatch is 2 : 44.11 .

“ She pulled it up, ” Barno said. He noticed his runners and he shook his head. He had a tendency to “ chew more than himself ” and she would be in just two weeks. She held her first Super Marathon in South Africa.

In the days that followed , Barnow collaborated with Scherf , Scherf left the residency rights between San Francisco and New York, and divided her time into professional stopwatch runners (she won a $ 3,000 win and another $ 4,000 to break the world record. ), and served as a wearable technical staff, with a focus on sports improvement and rehabilitation.

He is advocating patience and not too hard.

Scherf complied with this directive. She allowed the five women who ran on the track (including Malcolm Richards, who invented the new women's world record for 2 : 19.19.99 ) to take the lead from the beginning.

Scherf competed with another unique man. Ireland's Caitriona Jennings stayed in front of the race and was pulled open.


Jennings finished running with stopwatch time 2 : 55.11.9 .

Shefford knew that she could run faster than her 2 : 40.55.3 . But her running speed brings savings for the 56K Super Marathon that will come .

"Mike and my coach said that if I can stay above 2:38 , I shouldn't hurt that performance, " Scherf said.

When finished, she said, " I think I can continue on. "

" I feel great, very confident, " Xieer Fu said, her (American teenager 20 years old) female outdoor track 10 kilometers record was set when the campaign Harvard, and has not been broken.

She never ran more than 5K on the indoor track .

In setting up an indoor marathon record, she said, " It's just patient and mindful  -  about my own determination. It's a rare opportunity to stick to records on anything. "

Shefiev, who wants to participate in the half-marathon competition, once completed four one-sided outdoor marathon competitions, including the Hawaiian Marathon. She is the man runner-up.

" I thought this would be the worst marathon ever, " she said.

But her confidence in the whole race playing music and fans (about 150 people watched the contest, including 15 Ming Scherf 's friend and family) give her spirit, and become boring process running circles antidote.

Scherf and Barnow were involved in a bar / restaurant in the field . They were a vegetarian burger and a " St. Patrick's Day " roast potato. " There was a lot of salt, " she added, adding that her plan was again involved in the contest.

" This can be my favorite marathon race, " she said with a laugh.