Why is it different to weigh each time using an electronic scale?

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

RESEE electronic scale has intelligent effect and easy to control.

Electronic scales, intelligence can not only weigh body weight, but also measure body fat content, bone mass, muscle density and other values, the intention is to select high cost-effective health and fitness equipment.

1. Essentials: RESEE electronic scale, intelligence is daily necessities, the frequency of use is relatively high, the use of the crowd is also very wide.

2. Full function: RESEE electronic scale can not only measure body weight, but also measure height, body 9 values, and can provide health advice.

3. pay attention to free testing: health electronic scales are not constrained by the number of times of use, as long as users pay attention to scanner can be used free of charge.

4. point size is unlimited, the use of a wide range: the implementation of the selection of people, regional investment, more precise. Health electronic scales can be used in drugstores, shopping malls, campuses, gyms, restaurants, stations and so on.

5. Sweep code attention, data retention: After users use shared electronic scales, the system can retain user measurement records. According to the survey records in recent years, health measurement data were produced.

The equipment is stable, the system is stable, the fault rate is low, preventing customers from complains or forming bad image.

Unique communication module ensures never broken network and ensures customer experience.

 Service assurance, clear instructions, professional operation team on-line inspection duty, platform unified online customer service, eliminate service worries.


Electronic scales, intelligence

First of all, we should be clear about the scale of errors promised when weighing electronic scales. For example, the general body scale weighs 160 kilograms, the verification rating value is 10 grams, and the display rating value is 5 grams. When the weight value of the said item is one third of 150 kg, that is 50 kg, the allowable error value is 10 grams, when the weight value of the weighed item reaches the full range of 150 kg, the allowable error value is 20 grams; electronic scale, the intelligent weighing distance is allowed.

Beyond the weighing distance, it is clarified that there are problems in the electronic scale, due to four reasons:

1, electronic scales should be placed horizontally, not on the sensational desktop or shelf.

2, electronic scales should be placed in a suitable temperature and air circulation should not be too large environment, do not sun exposure.

3, electronic scales, intelligence should be equipped with independent power supply to prevent interference with other electrical appliances.

4, the electronic scale should be pre heated after 15 minutes of startup, before weighing operation can be carried out.

Warm Tip: Electronic scales, intelligent if not used for a long time, must be packed in plastic bags with desiccant. Batteries should be charged every three months. This can not only extend the life of electronic scales, but also greatly reduce the incidence of electronic scales.

Electronics scale Function:

1. Peeling function: when the bag is placed on the weighing plate, press the peeling key, the peeling lamp lights up and the display shows zero. At this moment, take off the packaging bag, the peeling lamp lights up, the zero position lamp also lights up, and the display shows negative skin weight.

2, change the tare weight, that is, just put the new bag on the weighing plate and press the peeling key, then actively change the tare weight.

3. Eliminate the function of skin weight. At this moment, we must remove the weight on the scale plate, press the peeling key, electronic scale and intelligent scale, and actively remove the skin weight. It should be noted that when using another special scale, we can't put it on the original scale plate and use it for a long time under the condition of "peeling", because this will cause the loss of zero-position active tracking function. The introduction of zero drift affects the accuracy of the scale, and the original scale should be replaced with a new special scale plate and then open the power supply, electronic scale, intelligent zero indicator light.