Master running stopwatch

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

Stopwatch is the foundation of sports runners

Many athletes want to use stopwatches to run and know the time and time consuming. Here are some running skills for sharing sports. Welcome to learn from them! Many sports runners use stopwatches and lean forward: Keep your body slightly forward all the way, but don't fall, don't bow.Sports Running Skills Health Theme. The bigger the forward angle is, the faster the speed is. S-shape running method: When running, the back is straight and the knees are slightly bent when the foot is on the ground. When looking at the running stopwatch, the height of the top of the head should be 2-3 inches lower than that of the ground when standing normally, and 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters, which is better.

Shorter strides: When landing on one foot, it should be under the body, not in front of the body when the front foot is too big. Remember: the larger the stride, the poorer the sense of balance of the body; on the contrary, smaller strides, feet close to the core of the body, in order to achieve better strength and run more robustly.

Forefoot instead of heel landing: Stopwatch timing starts, landing on toe belly only. If the heel touches the ground, it will cause the body to suffer the greatest impact from the ground, thus hindering the running forward, just like the "brake" principle.

Quick rhythm: 180 to 190 leg changes per minute. With the improvement of physical fitness, if you want to run faster, you can further accelerate the rhythm of leg change on this basis. Remember: the longer the stopwatch touches the ground with one foot, the more kinetic energy the body loses.

With stopwatch in hand, foot "stepping on the ground" and "flying": this is the most difficult part to master. When one foot touches the ground, the other leg should "fly up" naturally in the direction of buttocks straight as the tendon contracts, just like a rubber band bouncing upward. Attention should be paid to the quadriceps femoris and calf muscles.Use their power to fly up the hind legs. Dragonfly point water: one foot on the ground, the other foot in flight, do not force up, sports running stopwatch skills. It should fly lightly, about a foot above the ground is 1 foot = 12 inches, about the appropriate. Because of inertia, the foot will naturally move a little higher. The faster you run, the greater the rise distance caused by this inertia.

Fall naturally: When one foot leaves the ground, it should be raised back naturally. Don't rush forward with one foot touching the ground. Explore the feeling of flying in the air, the body moves forward naturally with the center of gravity. The foot off the ground, the stopwatch track in the air, should form a natural arc, and then like a vertical line, do not exert any force through the muscles, generally fall naturally.  


Preparing for Running with Stopwatch

Stand with stopwatch, arms akimbo, alternately move ankle joint;

Half squat, knee joint is moved with both hands when stopwatch is used.

Alternately raise your legs, look at the stopwatch and move your hip.

Fifty seconds with arms akimbo and waist spinning stopwatch, move waist;

The stopwatch is supported by one hand, kicking the leg, moving the hip and knee joints in turn.

The front and back archery steps press the leg; holding the stopwatch around press the leg, pulling the leg ligaments;

Postflexion with stopwatch in front of upper body and slight movement of upper limb.

Use Stopwatch to Do Notices After Sports Running

1. Never stop to rest immediately after running. After running, the whole body can be moved up and down. We should relax all parts of the body slowly. It is suggested to walk several hundred meters after running with stopwatch. After thorough relaxation of the whole body, we should do some activities of the waist, abdomen, legs and arms as far as we can.

2. After running, we must stretch the leg ligaments. The purpose is not to let the calf muscles agglomerate, stretch the muscle lines, make the muscle lines become long and slender. There are many ways to stretch the leg ligaments. You can stretch your legs straight, bend down and use your hands to stop watch the tips of your feet, you can also use your feet to stand against the steps, lean forward, or bend forward to press your legs. So.

3. Put stopwatch in place when running and after running, and pay attention to keeping warm. Don't subtract a lot of clothes because of sweating.

4. Replenish water in time. Set stopwatch to rest for 5-10 minutes before drinking dilute salt water or warm boiled water, but avoid drinking cold water or frozen drinks.