Electronic weight scale for measuring human body

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

Shenzhen RESEE manufacturer specializes in the production and sale of various electronic weighing scales which can measure human body's electronic weighing scale, can also choose a sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure, so it is also called a multi-functional healthy body scale. This exquisite electronic weighing scale ITO high hardness tempered glass, high precision weight sensor, the internal accuracy as high as 1/15000, welcome to need. Users call for detailed consultation.

Brief introduction of electronic weight scale

Electronic weighing scale is specially used for outgoing physical examination of various medical check-up vehicles. The fuselage has its own battery and charging function. It supports USB charging. The electronic weighing scale uses LED screen. It can customize large screen or small screen according to user's preferences. It is more convenient to save and record medical examination data. The movable pulley block at the bottom of the fuselage is suitable for carrying out on the ground and more convenient for handling. Electronic weight scale picture:


Weight scale RS6009

Electronic weight scale features:

1. Ultrasonic matrix height measuring probe has automatic correction and temperature compensation function.

2, high precision weight sensor, internal precision up to 1/15000, more suitable for detail weight processing.

3, HD LED digital display, electronics, weight, BMI body mass index and other numerical values.

4, synchronous voice broadcast can set up the mode of voice broadcast and language, and support multiple languages.

5. Convenient mobility and durable polyurethane high-performance pulley can bring you more convenient mobile handling experience.

6, you can choose WiFi function, wireless connection function, Bluetooth function, blood pressure measurement function and so on.

Electronic weight scale picture:


Weight scale RS6009

Electronic weight scale parameters:

1, height range: 60cm-180cm, sensitivity: 0, 1cm

2, weighing range: 8kg-200kg, sensitivity: 0, 1kg

3, self weight: 22kg

4, machine electronic degree: 230cm

5, power: 10W

Application of electronic weight scales:

The electronic weighing scale is developed according to the market demand. It is widely used in pharmacies, commercial streets, schools, hospitals, bathing centers, hotels, etc. to solve the weighing problem, which has brought high economic benefits. Human body electronic weighing scale multifunctional health scale

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