Sace stopwatch for football

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

In November 8th, the fourth round of the Champions League group games swept Donetsk miners 6-0 at Manchester City. A great victory has led to the condemnation of Stryn. Of course, the competition is fierce. Every player will compete for the time when the stopwatch appears. Suddenly, Sterling kicked a turf fake point in the restricted area and was shot by Jesus. After the match, Stryn apologized to the duty referee for penalty shooting.

Recently, Stryn is busy negotiating new contracts with Manchester City, and he is also very good on the pitch. Sterling made four goals by himself in the 6-1 win over Southampton last weekend, and the football match was very popular. The Champions League is facing Donetsk miners and Sterling is still in the starting line-up. Although he scored again, his controversial footage in the competition still triggered a heated debate after the game.


After watching the football stopwatch, Stryn apologized to the referee: it wasn't a penalty. I missed it.

Football stopwatch appeared in the 24th minute of the competition. Sterling got the chance to single-knife, and faced with the goalkeeper of the counter-attack, Sterling suddenly fell down. The referee ksar agreed to penalty. Slow-motion replays showed that the opposing guard had not touched Sterling, and the England winger had kicked the turf to cause himself to fall. The stopwatch showed clearly that the referee on duty made a wrong decision, but Sterling did not automatically stand up and tell the referee. After the match, Stryn explained:"At that time, I only looked after the ball and I didn't know what happened. I didn't feel the touch of the football stopwatch. I apologize to the referee. "

Stirling has always been a "happy football" game, but I didn't expect him to do the "diving deception point" with his big eyebrows and eyes. However, in the second half of the competition, Stryn still demonstrated its standard by breaking through the door one after another. Football stopwatch shows the 48th minute of the competition. Sterling takes the ball in a circle arc. Faced with two defensive players, he uses speed to kill a bloodway, takes the ball inside the line of the big restricted area, and shoots a kick of the world wave from the starting foot in the right space.


So far this season, Sterling's performance in Manchester City has been very good, each front has now scored seven goals and sent out six assists. Looking at the English Premier League, only Aguero (14 goals) is more than him. In the last two seasons, the football stopwatch shows that Sterling's progress at the offensive end is very obvious, whether it is the final pass or the mastery of shooting has improved qualitatively. Up to the end of last season, there were 60 games, 30 balls and 24 assists in all competitions in Stryn. It is this reflection that gives Sterling the courage and determination to meet a 300,000-week contract with Manchester City!

City owner Pedro Guardiola seemed to indicate that he disagreed with the decision football stopwatch, and Sterling himself admitted that he was the beneficiary of the incorrect phone call.

"I went to cut the ball and I didn't know what happened next," I finally turned around on the floor. "I don't think I felt like touching the football stopwatch. It's my fault. I bumped into the floor and wore on the floor, so I apologise to the referee. Discussing the success of the city, featuring Jesus'hat trick and ranking his team third in Lyon, Stirling added:"This is huge. We need to succeed in order to keep pressure on others. That's exactly what we do. "


The city's focus now shifts to Sunday's Manchester derby, where rivals Manchester United have just won from Juventus and visited the Atihard Stadium.

"I need a few days now," said Stryn. "We'll take it slowly, recover and prepare for it. It's going to be a big weekend competition. We'll try to do our best and try to get three points when we compete for the stopwatch.