How to buy high quality weight scale?

发布时间 : 2021-07-16

Purchase of weight scales

How to buy a high quality weight scale? This is a very inconvenient problem for the purchase of weighing scales, the main reason is that one of the sources of the problem is the installation problem. The scale is actually a device that transforms the quality signal into a measurable electrical signal output. When using a weighing scale, the first thing to consider is the actual working environment in which the weighing scale is located, which is very important for the correct selection of the weighing scale. It is related to whether the weighing scale can work normally, its safety and service life, and even the reliability and safety of the whole weighing instrument.

Why can we say that the installation environment of weighing scale occupies a major factor, we can consider from the following aspects. Firstly, the high temperature environment causes the melting of coating material, solder joint opening, and structural change of stress in elastic body. For the weighing scale working in high temperature environment, the high temperature resistant weighing scale is often used. In special cases, it must be equipped with heat insulation, water cooling or air cooling devices. The second is the influence of dust and humidity on the short circuit of weight scales. Under this environment condition, we should choose highly weighed scales.Different scales weigh different ways of sealing, and their closeness is quite different. Common seals are filled or coated with sealant, mechanical fastening seals for rubber pads, argon arc welding, plasma beam welding and vacuum nitrogen filling seals. From the sealing effect, welding seal is better, filling and sealing sealant is poor. For weighing scales working in clean and dry indoor environment, glue-coated weighing scales can be selected. For some weighing scales working in humid and dusty environment, hot-sleeve diaphragm sealing or welding diaphragm sealing and vacuum nitrogen filling weight scales should be selected.


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The weighing scale working in the above two environments needs strict requirements. Of course, there are some environments which are also easy to contact. Considerations of corrosive environment, strong electromagnetic field and flammability are all necessary to choose weighing scale. Secondly, the number and scale of weight scales are chosen. The consideration of quantity is related to the way of use and the point of force. We need to consider it according to different force points and different weighing values.

Use of weight scales

The selection of the number of weighing scales is based on the use of electronic weight and the number of points needed to support the weighing body (the number of supporting points should be determined according to the principle of overlapping the geometric center of gravity and the actual center of gravity of the weighing body). Generally speaking, a few weighing scales are selected for several supporting points of the scale body, but for some special weighing bodies such as electronic hook scales, only one weighing scale can be used. Some electromechanical scales should determine the number of weighing scales selected according to the actual situation. The size of the scale is mainly determined by the type of weighing and the space of use. Ensure proper use, weighing safety and reliability; on the other hand, we should consider the manufacturer's suggestions. The manufacturer usually stipulates the scope of application of weighing scale according to the force condition, performance index, daily use form, structure type and material of elastomer, for example, the aluminium cantilever beam weighing scale is suitable for valuation scale, platform scale, case scale, etc. The steel cantilever beam weighing scale is suitable for hopper scale, electronic belt scale, etc. The steel bridge weighing scale is suitable for track scale, truck scale, crane scale, etc. The column weighing scale is suitable for truck scale, dynamic track scale, large tonnage hopper scale, etc. Instead of choosing their own type, it is better to consult the manufacturer's opinion to choose the weight scale.