Infant electronic scale

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Racey Technology can customize the electronic weighing system for infant growth and development. Many people do not know that the electronic weighing system used in infant growth and development is also called the child weight scale. Our company also sells the weighing system for newborn infants, which can quickly and quickly evaluate the infant development. The weighing system for newborn infants uses high-precision sensors and electronics. It is called accurate measurement, with automatic shutdown, automatic adjustment of zero points, and automatic memory of the last weighing value.

Rebirth weight is called product introduction:

Weighing max:40kg

Gross weight: net weight: 2kg

Bearing plate area: * 27cm

Outline size: * 33 x 15.3cm

Min score: 10g

Product Description: for infant posture or standing position (remove tray) weighing, LCD display


The weight of reborn children is called merit:

The battery can be used as a power source, so that it can be used in any central area.

The high quality plastic surface of the scale is extremely durable and can be washed quickly and conveniently.

The weight of reborn children is characterized by:

High precision sensor, automatic shutdown, automatic zero adjustment, automatic memory of the last weighing value (more than 1 kg) measurement accuracy, digital display fluctuation, electronic scale measurement speed, with height measuring ruler, baby growth curve recording table, fashionable new concepts, full track of the baby's healthy growth, full display The sincere affection of parents and relatives to babies is generally applicable to families, hospitals, maternity and child care stations, etc.

The weight of reborn children is called functional characteristics.

The FCC certified products have passed Rosh

1.4 bit LED LCD display

2. automatic zero tracking

3. automatic power failure function

4. vibration starting

5. continuous weighing

6. boot self check function

7. power supply: four section 5 battery.

8. low power display, overload display, error display

Infant growth and development electronic weighed the weight of reborn children.


After sales service:

Service criteria: The warranty period of our products is twelve months. During the warranty period, the supplier will pay for the repair and replacement of parts due to the quality of the parts damaged, the parts damaged out of the warranty period, only the cost of the spare parts provided, the equipment damaged by the demand side caused by human factors, the supplier repair or provide spare parts according to the cost.

Service objective: service quality wins users' satisfaction.

Service: fast, arbitrary, precise, thorough and thorough.

Infant growth and development electronic weighed the weight of reborn children.

This article explains related entries.

Weight scale

The norm of body weight is not exactly the same. Electronically weighing the body weight of a country's different age groups is usually lost by a large sample of the country's research institutes, according to the age and height of the people calculated by the body of all age groups, and rules the upper and lower boundaries. The Institute of Physical Education of the State Sports Commission has made a standardized study on the weight value of children under 15 years old. If you check this standard, you will know whether your child's weight can be standardized.

1. The birth of phenylketonuria

Phenylketonuria is an acquired disease in which newborns are relatively unable to breast-feed. Phenylketonuria is due to the short amount of phenylalanine hydroxylase in the body, can not make phenylalanine into tyrosine, but the formation of phenylalanine accumulation in the body, a serious disturbance to brain metabolism, the formation of functional hindrance, easily lead to intellectual hindrance. Although the content of phenylalanine in breast milk is distinctly lower than milk, but these babies still had better not eat breast milk or only eat a large number of breast milk is appropriate, electronics said that the usual should not eat special milk powder containing phenylalanine.

Two. Lactose intolerance syndrome

Lactose intolerance syndrome refers to the deficiency of lactase in newborn infants, which results in the inability to digest and absorb lactose. Imperfect lactose metabolism is the product of some toxic substances weight, these substances gathered in the body, will affect the development of the nerve center, the formation of mental retardation in infants, cataracts and so on. With lactose intolerance syndrome, breast milk may appear diarrhea, severe vomiting and so on. Temporary diarrhea not only indirectly affects the growth and development of infants, but also forms a decline in immunity in newborns. Once the suspicious baby suffers from lactose intolerance syndrome, it is necessary to stop feeding dairy foods, and feed the baby with soy products.

Three. Breast milk jaundice

Breast milk jaundice is a sign of jaundice when a baby eats breast milk. At this time, breastfeeding can be suspended, the average weight of about forty-eight hours, can be restored to breastfeeding. If the recovery of breastfeeding, found that the baby jaundice again alleviated, can stop feeding for another day or two with electronic weighing, and then stop breastfeeding. Under normal circumstances, after two or three such processes, the baby will not appear jaundice due to breast milk, can continue breastfeeding. If the baby continues to have such a scene, it is better to stop breastfeeding.

Four. Abnormal amino acid metabolism.

Abnormal amino acid metabolism will affect the baby's nerve fragmentary development, easy to affect the baby's intellectual development. Studies have shown that electronics say that about 10 percent of patients with severe mental retardation are related to abnormal amino acid metabolism. The overall incidence of abnormal amino acid metabolism ranged from 1/10000 to 1/5000. Phenylketonuria is one of many diseases caused by abnormal amino acid metabolism.

Electronic name

The task principle of electronic scale: first, after the pressure of the articles, the pressure changes, and the pressure is applied to the sensor. Through the reducer. In the presence of an AD converter to zoom in, converted from a CPU converter to a digital, weighed CPU control button, the circuit is displayed to the display.