Principle of intelligent scale

发布时间 : 2021-07-27

Think I can accept what I already have, which is why I never believed I needed kitchen scale and why I wrapped your birthday gift in a paper grocery bag. I also wash the plastic bags again and hang them in the bar to dry. I tear the paper towel in two. It's simple. I don't want to fill up my little kitchen with unnecessary garbage.

The function of the kitchen scale

Until I want to bake some bread. There are many precise factors in bread making. You need to weigh it very accurately to achieve perfection. After a heated discussion with my bread counsellor, I ordered kitchen scale. I don't even need to read instructions to figure out how to use it.


The best bread you'll make at home

It turned out that my own invention of baking bread was something that could not be bought elsewhere, and it took a long time to figure it out. So when I studied this, I discovered many other uses of the electronic kitchen scale. If you think you don't need one, because you don't do that much, you don't bake bread, or you just make pancakes once a month and stay with me. You want this electronic plastic package, which can be easily hidden in a grain box between cabinets when not in use.

I am not a coffee snob. Before I throw them into the lapping machine to make sure that I die, I will not kiss each bean. I pour the beans into the filter in the glass and press them down. Facts have proved that I am depriving myself of the biggest caffeine. Because depending on the grinding of coffee, you may be like 80 grams. I don't like the idea of not getting the amount of coffee I deserve. Measure the ounce or gram of coffee on the shiny new electronic kitchen scale. Whether it's whole beans or grated coffee, you can ensure that you make the perfect cup. Unless you use bad beans. If you put the kitchen scales between the cereal boxes, how convenient will it be? Everything you need for a full breakfast. Measure your lucky charm at your time; it won't hurt.

Big fish and big hamburgers

Do you like meat? You've noticed how recipes require a pound or 11 ounces, or that these specific numbers don't match the number on the package you bought at the grocery store. Usually I think I'm half a pound, and then complain if the recipe is terrible. Maybe I should measure the meat with the electronic kitchen scale. Through the kitchen scale, we call the meat pie the most synchronized hamburger in our life. Keeping the meatballs so uniform, you can balance your checkbook. Consider eating the recommended meat instead of sweating. There are so many choices in your corner that there is kitchen scale.


Sweet potato and other lumps

Recipes always require products in pounds, but I never use an electronic kitchen scale in the grocery store production department. Those things are not designed for short people. This is humiliating. Instead, I bought too many sweet potatoes and went home with my cat in one hand and the potato in the other, until I decided I wasn't measuring anything tonight. When the electronic kitchen scale came into my life, I did measure my cat, 4084.74 grams, but now I can easily measure potatoes and other random-sized lumps.

Strange ounce cans

I'm hiding a can of chickpeas in my pantry because I get 11 out of five $5 cans. Have you ever seen a 13.4 ounce box? This is a puzzling number. Then a recipe will require a very specific amount of chickpeas or beans, and I'll make it from whatever I have. The electronic kitchen scale is right here. It turns out that the measurement results in recipes are specific, so please follow them.

Electronic kitchen scale can be weighed and mixed baking.

Have you found an incredible recipe, all measurements are metric, so you moved to France and stopped answering all unnecessary emails? The once boring mathematical formula is now better for scones, biscuits, or almond cakes, or whatever, because you will have the most accurate baking soda measured using an electronic kitchen scale, and even an ant's sneeze won't throw it away. For me, this is mainly applied to pancakes. Take grams as a unit.

kitchen scale RS-8009

Nuts, dates, and chopped things.

When recipes need to be measured on cup and gram chopping dates, chocolate, chopped cheese or peanuts, or anything turbulent in an electronic kitchen scale, if you weigh the kitchen scale instead of crushing all the dates into measurements, you will get a more accurate number of cups, possibly air bags. One afternoon you might squeeze 30 cashews into a cup, but because of their crazy comma shape, there are only 20 cashews next. Don't you want accuracy in life?

Oil and salt water

Everything is being fermented because it is science, that is why I wear goggles around. But for all the brine, not just the month-old pickles, but especially the Thanksgiving turkey, it's easier to increase the percentage of salt by measuring it on an electronic kitchen scale: the water in the liquid.

When you don't want to wash 1000 dishes,

When it comes to pancakes - and anything that mixes a lot in a bowl - an electronic kitchen scale can save you a bunch of dirty dishes when you need 14 different measuring cups and spoons. After throwing the flour into a bowl on the electronic kitchen scale, you can use the electronic kitchen scale to continue adding ingredients to the top. I thought it would not find Angel soda eyelashes, but it did! The technology is amazing.