Selection of electronic scales

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Electronic scales are indispensable

When Wi-Fi is connected to the electronic scale, it will add new vitality to your fitness system. If you are a daily step inspector, always look at how many calories exercise burns. Here you can see the impact of exercise, because electronic scales can measure your weight, body mass index, body fat, muscle mass, etc. Simply synchronize them to your device, and you can view your data in detail through the APP account.

If you already have fitness wearable equipment, it will help because most of the content of the application is dedicated to this, but without an electronic scale, it still provides basic level of body analysis. They are also very suitable for large families, can detect up to 16 users, and equipped with four AA batteries, estimated to provide up to nine months of battery life. The four carpet feet of the electronic scale mean that you can weigh yourself on the soft floor, while the fashionable black glass platform feels wide and strong. It weighs 68.7 kilograms, almost the same as most scales.


Selection of electronic scales

These simple black-and-white rotary electronic scales can attract more doctors'office atmosphere and are a great choice for those who like retro appearance and modern calibration. They have easy-to-read dials, comfortable and spacious platforms, textured black coatings, and rubber footpads under electronic scales to maintain stability. In addition, they can be set and reset directly, with a wheel behind them pushing them back to zero. They can't be used on carpets, so you have to find hard floors to get accurate results.

Electronic scale size

During the test, although the 11cm electronic scale can easily see the weight, it reduces the space size of the front electronic scale, so people with wider feet may feel uncomfortable using it. White plastic wrapping is also a bit fragile. From the weight point of view of the electronic scale, it shows 67 kilograms, which is lower than expected, plus the dial moves according to the position of the foot.

If your idea of small talk makes your lean muscle-to-fat ratio amazing, or if the electronic scales show your health, then step on to it. Electronic scales are the dream of statistical enthusiasts, tracking body composition, including weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, body water and bone mass, and collecting data in their health coaching applications. This in turn tracks your eating habits, physical activity and blood pressure, and provides advice for achieving your goals. The scale will be connected to eight devices at a time using Bluetooth and compatible with wireless APP.

Electronic scale quality

Large stainless steel electronic scales use LED backlight LCD screen to add quality, and ultra-thin, so they can be stored in a narrow space. On the disadvantage side, the scale requires two batteries, so it may need to be replaced regularly, and the connection to the application is complex. If all you want to know is your weight, the amount of information in your application can easily be overwhelming, and you may not be able to use many functions. The weight was 67.9 kg, lower than most.

Applications can make some navigation smaller, but fortunately, APP is not the only one. Many app interfaces are simple to set up, and scales and applications connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are easy to navigate on the first attempt. It's the same as a fitness tracker, but it's not biased toward them. In previous attempts, the ratio was often defaulted to visitor users, with up to eight users, but after assigning weights to the configuration file, it began to identify different people.

When electronic scales are being measured

One disappointing aspect is that when electronic scales are measured, they display statistics on weight, BMI, fat and muscle, but only weight and fat seem to be stored in applications. It also did not show the percentage of water in its body composition. However, we like to be able to select the configuration file icon on the electronic scale, automatically synchronize and overall design, with a solid glass platform and a clear display screen. It weighs 68.8 kilograms, the same as most, and has three AA batteries.

Batteries matched by electronic scales

Nobody really wants to put an alarm clock in the bathroom to remind them that they should leave the bathtub or that they are late for work, but if you want to keep an eye on time and kilograms, these electronic scales are good. The platform is a clock with a digital display, weighing kg, ST or lb, and automatically shut down. The scale is powered by three AAA batteries, excluding one AAA battery, and the power indicator is very low, so warnings will be issued when replacement is needed.

In the test, the clock is in good condition and the clock and weighing function are powered independently, so if one part does not work, you will not have to replace all four batteries. Glass platforms are also reassuring and stable. All scales need a tap to wake up. No matter how your feet are positioned, they can provide the same weight. The electronic scale shows 68.8 kilograms of accuracy, making it a multi-functional electronic scale with good value.