Design and History of Electronic Scale

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Electronic Scale Manufacturer Design Intelligent Electronic Scale

Electronic scales are designed to compensate gravity. For example, RS series electronic scales manufactured by Reiser Electronics Scale Factory can input gravity acceleration directly to the use site, and can be calibrated in different places after automatic processing by chip. Manufacturers use electronic scales themselves to set a set of binary switches to change the amplification factor by changing the state of the switches to change the gravity. The errors caused by the change of acceleration can be corrected or adjusted by potentiometer.

Solution to imprecise test of electronic scale by electronic scale manufacturer

In addition to the above errors, the inaccuracy of the measurement by the electronic scale manufacturer will also affect the accuracy of the measurement. According to the principle of mechanics, weighing can be divided into dynamic effect weighing by force and static effect weighing by force. The manufacturer makes use of the static field effect to weigh the electronic scale. The static effect weighing, also known as gravity deformation method weighing, is to measure the gravity value by using the deformation or internal stress of the elastomer under the action of gravity. Because the manufacturer of electronic scales uses gravity to calibrate, and the result is weight, if the acceleration value of gravity varies from place to place, the indication value of the same scale will be different between two places. The final measurement results are related to the acceleration of gravity, and now we mainly use intelligent electronic scales. This is how the development and change step by step, let us understand.


The Historical Development of Electronic Scale

In ancient times, when people traded grain and grass, they had to weigh the amount of grain they always needed. Stone became a unit for people to calculate the quantity. This was invented by an ancient businessman. Once he saw the pole for drawing water, he got inspiration. Then he invented the pole scale, carved sixteen stars on the pole, also known as the pole. The sixteen-two scales stipulate that sixteen-two weights are one kilogram, thirty kilograms are one kilogram, and forty are one stone. Later, in order to facilitate the measurement, they change to twelve-one kilograms, hang heavy objects on one end of the pole, and then adjust the scale to balance the two sides, so that they can weigh objects according to this idea, which is also the principle of leverage. That's the principle of mechanical scales we used later.

With the development of life in World War II, the technology of Electronics began to develop and gradually applied to weighing instruments. Some large manufacturers found that the principle of electronic scales is to use the strain gauge of inductor to force the model, and then change the resistance, which changes the signal into weight. In order to conform to the national development policy of "changing electronics manually into automation", and to keep pace with the development of the times, a little research and experiments have been carried out, so that we now have this thing on the scale to show the weight of the electronic scale.


Intelligent electronic scale

There are large and small items in our life, and the things we need to weigh are different in size. We don't need to buy scales in order to weigh, because there are intelligent electronic scales. It has a number of different colors of weighers, each of which can weigh about 82 kilograms. It can weigh many things. It is also very simple to use. Just press the surface of the weigher to start it, and then put the object on to start it, you can see the exact weight. Because the weigher is relatively small, so when the weighing object is not big enough, you can see the exact weight. In order to use a scale to weigh, and when the required weighing items are too large, you can put the electronic scale on the ground, and put the weight on the scale.

Electronic scale connected to APP

Then download the corresponding APP through the mobile phone, you can see that the application has added the weight of three parts together, so that users can accurately know the weight of the object. We can get the calorie and nutrition information of some food through APP. This electronic scale also has a strong waterproof function, even if the scale is carelessly pushed into the pool, it will not be damaged, but will continue to work normally. They are small and compact in size, and have a magnetic base, which can prevent loss and can be easily accepted. Charging can be done using USB.


Weighing of electronic scales

The way of weighing is advancing constantly, which is convenient for our life. This progress makes people no longer need to buy scales of various sizes to weigh objects. Instead, they use electronic scales to weigh objects separately and finally sum up the quantities. Science and technology make our products progress, from lever scales to intelligent electronic scales. From heavy to light, from big error to precise, from slow weighing to self-displaying data, there are many scientific and technological applications in the process of weighing. The price of the scale is very cheap, or relatively cost-effective. After all, with this electronic scale, we can have the role of other different electronic scales.