Winter running should not blindly seeking high speed of measurement, the need to use a stopwatch and a timer to measure

发布时间 : 2021-07-12
 Even increasingly cold climate, but insist on running in the outdoor training is still a lot of, it is worth noting that winter running is different from other seasons, doctors suggest that cold weather running shoulds not be too fast, should be run before the warm-up and warm.


Is warm in winter running one of the most important link. "Many people are afraid of sweating, often wear, sports after simple cause colds." Doctor suggests that, in a cold climate conditions, running should pay attention to adhere to the temperature of the body, best as soon as possible after motion is wet clothes off.

Replacement, in addition, the autumn and winter days, and it was high incidence of disease of heart head blood-vessel. Doctors suggest that exercise should pay attention to adhere to the heart rate, especially the elderly, the heart rate is best not to surpass one hundred, avoid accidents. This is because in a cold climate, narrow blood vessels will shrink, simple form a lack of blood supply, high blood pressure, cause disease of heart head blood-vessel.

Doctors showed that cold sees running faces two major problems in low temperature haze days, low temperature, fog day of human respiratory system, skin and cardiovascular adverse effects. Cool wind affect respiratory tract spasm, cause lack of oxygen, others will also induce some congenital diseases, such as heart disease. Should avoid strenuous exercise at the moment, to forget speed, had better choose fast walking and jogging. Winter sports in moderation, and do not seek speed, there is one of the best using ruisai stopwatch and timer running motion measurements, such as 500 meters to finish 1 minute 20 stopwatch can't faster than a molecular 15 seconds to complete, so that gradually the run is very likely to run, to run the body the rapid heating and rapid cooling condition, this is very bad.