Want to know how much a meal should eat food? No kitchen scale is don't know exactly how much

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

My mom taught me to cook on weekdays, pay attention to a hand, necessities sauce vinegar set how much, all by myself. So the same food, even if the process steps are identical, also often each have each taste, and how the most delicious after cooking habits, perhaps every cook who needs a kitchen scale.


Kitchen scale can be used to weigh weight of various kinds of materials. On the market has a variety of kitchen scale, most commonly range in 1 kg more mechanical scale can meet the requirements, of course, electronic scale is better, that's even can scale up to can not.

Electronic weighing results more accurate, intuitive readings, and a minimum range can reach 1 g and 0.1 g, these strengths are mechanical scale cannot be compared. But its price is higher than the mechanical scale.

Here I will share the kitchen scale method of use:

1, the ON/OFF power switch as boot in the empty said cases, 100 seconds will automatically power OFF

2, TARE, reset, peeling key, press reset to the skin can make the balance back to zero. For example, put vessels in scalesThis button after balance to zero, and then to the container for liquid, scale only show the weight of the liquid.

3, the MODE, key unit transformation, each time you press the "MODE" key "g" and the transformation between "oz". Oz "oz" to foreign commonly used units, such as gold dollar price usually is an unit with an ounce. 1 g gKg = 1000 g = 2 jins.

PS: the matters needing attention

1, the boot is not appeared, check to see if the battery is installed correctly power enough, insulation plastic is removed.

2, smooth electronic scale put, will stay to weigh objects take light put on the scale, found the object weight more than quantityAgile scored after cheng, sparing electronic scale as far as possible.

3, long time don't have to be electronic scale, please take out the battery in case battery leakage harm your electronic scale.