To lose weight is to use Rui's sports health equipment

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Exercise is the best way to lose weight, but the recent study has made it difficult for people who want to be thin. A study shows that the world daily fat, running for 45 minutes every day, a year off 4 pounds of meat, that is to say, every three months only dropped 1 pounds of meat...... Can't exercise be able to lose weight?

The exercise is only 2 kilos a year

The study consisted of 320 adult women who were randomly assigned to the sports group and the non sports group. The exercise group had 5 times a week and 45 minutes of aerobic exercise, and the two groups did not require changes in the diet. One year later, the sports group was even 2 kilograms, that is to say, a year of hard work, 4 catties of meat, and a catty of meat every three months.

"Just finish the movement, the heart..." "Exercise is really too low in power." The study found that after the announcement, users have to stand out more proof, a netizen said, from August last year to now, please teach, "aerobic strength exercises, at least three times a week or more, sometimes a week without rest, but is still fat, rose from 50 to 53 (kg)."

Exercise is a "pit"

"It's really hard to lean by sports." Professor Li Jing, a sports health consultation clinic in Nanjing integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine hospital, and professor of Sports Health Science Department of Nanjing Sport Institute, showed that the last thing to lose weight is heat consumption. When consumption is greater than intake, the weight will be lighter, otherwise it will become fat. Intake is the energy of daily diet. Consumption is the energy required for daily activities, basic metabolism, and digestion of food.

It is indicated that to lose 1 catties of fat, it takes 3500 calories, but you only need 3500 calories, and you will gain a weight. Running on an hour costs 700 calories. If you drink a cup of coffee and eat a cake, you will probably run away. "After exercising, many people will feel more appetizing and will eat more."

In addition, Professor Li Jing has shown that energy consumption per person actually has a balance every day, and the energy consumed by sports is much more. Then the energy consumption of visceral organs will be reduced accordingly. Conversely, exercise will consume less energy and increase the energy consumption of visceral organs. So, to lose weight, the most effective way is to control the mouth, control the diet, or physical exercise is a "pit". "But not certainly not to eat, but to eat light and healthy cooking plus rational allocation of food."

Slimming exercise does not recommend running

In addition to controlling diet, exercise is also a key factor to be taken into consideration. The discussion showed that people who participated in the seminar, running 45 minutes a day, may be one of the reasons for the lack of meat. "We do not recommend running." Professor Li Jing said that if these people had exercise habits before, it would be 45 minutes to run, but if it was not too exercise, it was a high intensity exercise. In general, high strength energy source movement is not fat, but the body's glycogen and supply power low strength material is fat.

What is the middle and low intensity exercise? One of the simplest ways to do it is to sweat gently and feel breathless in exercise, but you can tell a word well. Professor Li Jing showed that walking is the best fitness walking stride downsizing exercise twenty or thirty minutes a day to 4-5 times a week, preferably once a day, "is durable."

In addition, thin too fast is not good, Professor Li Jing indicated that the weight loss too fast first cut is the body's glycogen and water, not fat consumption, not good for health. Professor Li Jing recommended that the best way to lean, should be the proper control of diet combined with low - intensity exercise.

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