Stopwatch record of winning the championship

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

July 25th Beijing time is China men in Budapest blue in the pool on the eyebrows, took the lead in the men's 200 meter freestyle race, Chinese player Sun Yang to 1 points 44 seconds 39 won the championship for the first time, one single world contest in the 200 meters and 400 meters on the double crown! Compared with the powerful Sun Yang, Xu Jiayu's winning in the 100 meter backstroke is even more pleasant. We must know that this is a world champion who doesn't have a good mental quality and once gave up and finally cried.。

To carry with Yang brother


After winning the title, Jiyu cried two times

From the Olympic runner up to the world champion, the The Danube natatorium on the 25 day witnessed Xu Jiayu's rewriting of the history of Chinese men's swimming. He took the lead and won the men's 100 meter backstroke champion in 0.04 seconds. He won the first gold medal in the world championship for Chinese men's backstroke. After winning the championship, Xu Jiayu was crying and laughing. He couldn't help crying when facing Sun Yang and coach. He also showed a genuine smile when he interviewed many media interviews at the news conference. This is the real Xu Jiayu.


When doing a fierce track and field race, you need a pre - run preparation for

1. jogging and sweating. 

2. leg, waist, shoulder pressure twist, stretch and other activities, will be related to the joints, ligaments, muscle activities. 

3. do 2, 3 30 meters of speed. The above content is finished 20 minutes before the competition.

There you go to improve physical fitness is very difficult for 2 weeks, as long as keep good must not hurt, not too fierce but can not stop, a stop down, usually eat don't change too much, can eat beef, as for the psychological aspect, give yourself constantly suggest that you are the best and you must be the first.