RESEE new RS7018 fat scale - new features introduced

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

Modern living festival too fast, eating and drinking has been very rich, especially the New Year approaching, good to have no control? Must have a lot of people are obsessed with the fairy and the same beautiful body it ~ look at the stage bright and beautiful body one by one than a great peace of mind, and then think of their own thick leg bucket waist, it is sad to come from ah ! How to maintain body weight can be said that the girls compulsory course of life, but the truth I know, how to be able to do time to regulate their own body data ?

The next of these RS7018 body scales by Rexroth will give you the answer ~

The so-called body fat scales, as the name suggests, and the general weight scale a little different. It is not only the most basic measure of weight, but also can measure the percentage of body fat, muscle percentage, protein , fat, body age, water, bones, calories and other multi- term physical indicators, RS7018 fat scale to support a key Bluetooth connection on the match . " Light Cat - APP " will be able to automatically record changes in the body, and to this you put forward specific exercise advice and diet plan Oh!

Our RS8018 is made of high-strength ITO glass Meticulous to build a large panel tough temperament of the delicate fat scaleJust to give you a more stable and comfortable weighing experience, we all know, to make the body better Weight loss is simply not enough , percentage of body fat as well as various indicators before is really decide whether your body healthy and beautiful , if you have a sharp competition body fat scales, no longer have to worry about their body will not beautiful . At the same time, you can better arrange their body plan, so that it can be targeted to do all sorts of bodybuilding.

Next, take a look at the RS1718 Reebok body fat scale , can be described as exquisite personality and high-end Bluetooth bluetooth scale , used to send good girlfriends, but good sister sisters ~ Of course, you can also buy for domestic use, and it It can be much more than just that simple of fat scale ! This is a technical staff for different racial health indicators of eachevaluation system, developed from the fat scale , with the electronic scale Rui 赛more accurate measurement of data, better tailor-made for your fitness plan Oh ~ also Automatic identification system , one can fully support the whole family to use, easy to identify different users, you can better manage their family health Oh! Amy fitness you are not happy to put him in the bag?

RS7018 fat scale function:

Has Bluetooth connectivity smart phones " light cow - APP " in an intuitive way to present straightforward physical indicator data , sharp race technology RS7018 body fat scales can accurately measure the body's 30 function indicators: body fat , weight, body mass index of water ( BMI, basal metabolic rate, waist-hip ratio, skeletal muscle, history, visceral fat, body age, muscle mass, fat weight, system judgment, Diet records, exercise records, clothing patterns, body mass, bone mass, 21 days plan ; also automatically turn the machine, automatically said, want to use, LED display, you can also USB charging , no need to worry about battery problems , Let you easily obtain exclusive depth fitness report, that is your personal fitness experts too much! In addition, it will provide you with a dedicated depth health report every month, personalized sports and health solutions for your condition, and automatic help to provide you with daily exercise goals, sincerely , Intimate! Whether you are reducing fat, weight gain, body shaping, it can help you to order a realistic and effective to achieve the goal, so that you follow an effective program to complete fitness exercise, daily personalized sports diet plan, slimming bodyYou can have it right away

Are you still worried about ordinary scales to accommodate your own feet? Then you have to take a look at this large-scale version of the dynamic body fat scale! Larger than the average scale scales double feet to increase the friction with the ground, to better grasp the ground ~ accidental rollover to bring harm, but also more convenient to move and store Oh! If you connect the " light cow - APP " , as long as the gender, age , in the APP to be based on the data to better understand their body shape, online shopping is more convenient US clothing Oh! With body weight, body fat and other indicators, it helps you record weekly, monthly, quarterly changes in physical signs, perceive each of your subtle changes! With it, afraid of the body will not become more beautiful !

As the saying goes, if you can not even control your own weight, take control of your life? Of course, it is not practical enough to go to the gym every day. After all, the pace of life is so fast, and the simple and convenient way is more suitable for everyone's needs. And now, with the RS7018 body fat scales, at home, they can easily control their own body of data, as well as after-sale real guidance to use , whether to seek the sun or the results of a friend's encouragement, in shaping the way you will be full of fun full! Still hesitant what?  Quick RESEE fat scale , with rapid transfiguration male goddess of it ~