Use smart bracelet detection control blood pressure

发布时间 : 2021-07-08
Filled with the water bicycle tire, if go outside infusion, water will be provoked gummed volume increase. The water injection pipe will put pressure on the wall, within a certain range, gummed by support, the greater the pressure. Our blood vessels like gummed, if blood, blood vessels was further enlarged, tube wall to accept the pressure increases, formation of arterial blood pressure. Can have the effect of increased blood volume and not only so, it can make the venous blood back to the heart also increased accordingly, heart expands ejection add; And the change of blood volume increased provoke up again after the heart rate increase fast, input to increase both formed by the common heart. And two kind of way to make blood pressure is different. Ejection to add, equivalent to added in the filling of arteries, the blood vessels are further enlarged, the highest increases blood pressure rise, inflation pressure increase; And heart rate slow down, the artery in the diastolic blood time increases, the secondary influence diastolic blood pressure, characterized by increased diastolic blood pressure.


How using smart bracelet to regulate blood pressure

1.using smart bracelet toneural control

the innervation of the heart the heart and limbs muscle, innervation. Dominate the heart called plant nerve, such as the heart of the sympathetic nervous sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve of the vagus nerve. Cardiac sympathetic nerve excitement, its peripheral release a vascular active substances called norepinephrine. This kind of material on myocardial adrenergic beta receptors on the cell membrane, cause heart rate, increase myocardial contraction force, cardiac output to add, vasoconstriction, lower blood pressure; Parasympathetic nervous excitement, its peripheral release a kind of active substance called acetylcholine. This kind of material on myocardial m receptors on the cell membrane, cause the heart rate slows, myocardial contraction force is abate, add in cardiac output and vasodilation, blood pressure drops. Under normal circumstances, sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve on the function of the heart are mutually dependent and mutually unify, coordinate with each other.

smartbracelet5.jpg bracelet baroreceptor mechanism

The nervous system for regulating cardiovascular event is accomplished through all sorts of reflection. In carotid sinus and the arch on the outer membrane of the vessel wall, have a good feel nerve endings, when the arterial blood pressure by low gradually reduce, feel peripheral pressure influence excited to add, and the distribution of nerve impulses, the afferent nerve of cardiovascular center, to change cardiovascular centers of the event, that the activities of reducing reflection, through efferent nerve fiber affect the activity of the heart and blood vessels, and make the heart contraction weakened, vasodilation, peripheral resistance drop, drop in blood pressure, and insist on arterial pressure at a certain level. On the contrary, when blood pressure suddenly drops, the carotid sinus baroreceptor feeds information to the blood center, depressor reflex is abate, cardiac output to add, vasoconstriction, add the peripheral resistance, lower blood pressure.

bracelet12.jpg bracelet chemical sensor system

Near the carotid body and the arch there are chemical receptors (receptors), to the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels in the blood is very sensitive. Under the oxygen to the body shape, chemical sensors was soothing, reflective provoked the breath acceleration, peripheral vascular contraction, blood pressure; But when blood pressure drops, receptor was comfort, they can signal, after vasomotor center and autonomic nervous system, to regulate arterial blood pressure, back to normal.


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