How does weight scale test fat?

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

Every few days we have to use weight scale to test our body fat. Most people may use weight scale together to measure fat. They seem to need to provide a simple function: weighing and providing the percentage of body fat. But from a distance, most things seem simple, but there are subtle knowledge in simplicity.

When you step on weight scale, what does your weight weigh inside your body? Besides measuring your body fat and body weight, what else can they do? Need to update the body fat scales? Use our professional body fat measurement to find a reliable result.

The importance of weight scales

When you start to pay close attention to body fat, they really make us aware of our healthy weight. Not an interesting experience, but they also add to our toolkit to monitor our bodies and the amount of food we consume and exercise. We need to rigorously test our fat on a better weight scale to ensure that the body fat scale performs well in the main aspects of its performance.

Our professional weight scale tester

Our laboratory has more than 30 years of comprehensive experience of professional testers, we are proud of our professional testers. They've seen all types of functions in their labs and all kinds of weight scales and body fat scales, but one thing never changes, the weight scales need to provide accurate percentages! We test many elements of fat and the human body, but we have to pay attention to these basics, which means we need to buy body fat scale or weight scale to measure from time to time. When you buy weight scale, you can choose to take home a weight scale that is really good.

How do we choose a more practical weight scale?

There are many reasons why we choose weight scale that weighs our body fat appropriately rather than another, but our first task is to see the content of the fat in the store. That means we have to differentiate between weight scales that may not cover that function, such as a very important brand sold in Australia, and they focus on big brand models, so you can at least see before you buy the weight scales that fit you, have the functions and results you want to make sure you feel about them. To be satisfied, How do we know about retailers? Let's check the current market data and see which ones sell well.


We often test fat scales on a regular basis because they do not have a lot of turnover in the market. We tend to test our own fat on weight scale every two days and run 12 to 14 body fat scales in batches. We've been looking for better ways to test, and the weight scale manufacturer will also investigate our members to regularly understand what's important to them. As expected, most people just want them to provide accurate body fat results.

How do we test?

Set the body fat scaleof the weight scale to measure the baseline as required. Because these particular body fat scales have no standards, we used to use underwater weighing processes, which are the gold standard for weighing weights. At present, the gold standard has been changed to DEXA scanning or dual energy X - ray absorption. This simple three-minute scan measures muscle mass, fat mass and bone mineral density, and does not require our test volunteers to be submerged in the sink.

Standard analysis of body weight test fat

Body fat accuracy score (40%)

We hired a company to perform DEXA scans on 15 of our volunteers (8 men and 7 women). The scan measured a lot of details of body composition, ranging from body fat to bone mineral density. Then we used the body fat scale to measure the results of each body fat scale.

Weight accuracy score (20%)

Our tester uses the calibrated weight measurement accuracy of 10kg and 100kg weight recording weight scales. The weighing results of these weight scales are combined with those of laboratory tests to determine the total weight accuracy.

Body weight sensitivity score (10%)

Starting from the weight of 20kg, we measure the sensitivity ofweight scale to the increment of 100g.

Easy-to-use score (30%)

Ourweight scale tester assessed the ease of reading the display, programmed user data into theweight scale, then used (measured body fat and weight) and foot placement / stability. We have a laboratory that keeps abreast of the latest reference machines and calibration tools to provide you with reliable results when using weight scale.