Manual of fat scale

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

Instructions for use of fat scales

A good fat scale can contain healthy statistical analysis. It also has its large LED display, which can put the fat scale somewhere easier to read. For people with poor eyesight, this fat scale may be a great benefit. The LED display is actually excellent, displaying only numbers. This means that you can set it up more easily. Isn't it better and quicker if you're eager to brush your teeth for two minutes or need the power to get out of the shower?

Like many others in the test, fat scales measure weight, BMI, percentage of fat, muscle and bone mass, and body fluid composition. But because it's expensive, I tend to opt for a more sophisticated fitness eco-scale, which also offers sleep tracking options and a lovely traffic light system that keeps choosing and hitting heavy targets from getting confused. There are other compatible gadgets available, including my diet, a Bluetooth connection to the phone that helps control.


Why do I need fat scales?

Modern fat scales help to change people's view of health. By using this new measurement technique, you can learn more about your body, not just because you're gaining or losing weight. By collecting your weight, fat percentage, bones, and water masses on fat scale, you can see how your efforts are rewarded over time and learn what evidence is useful for you. For better or worse, a fat scale allows you to see your body's condition.

Smart fat scales make you more receptive to the new health system. By measuring, you can set up smart phones and send you reminders to do more or less. Encouraging and motivating, combined with a little determination, you'll be surprised by the latest fitness techniques that can help you achieve your goals. How much should I spend on smart fat scale?

Better yet, you can buy a 299 yuan price and support a Bluetooth connection to the Smart Fat Scale, but it's worth mentioning that many big brands can offer more expert help, a larger user base and a wider range of alternative fitness gadgets.


Fat scale parameter

All the fat scales here can measure your total weight and take kg, lb. Or stone display. For all advanced health data, you need barefoot to enable the sensor to work.

Body mass index (BMI)

This is the ratio of weight to height that the fat scale needs to know, and you enter your height into the application when you register your fat scale's exclusive APP account. It is a very standard indicator of overall health, but most health professionals now need more data to assess individual health.

New bone mass data of fat scales

Your bone mass won't change from day to day, so this isn't a number you'll often worry about on fat scale, but it might be worth further study if you notice a change lasting several months.

Percentage of body fat shown in fat scales

Fat scale shows the percentage of body fat is the ratio of fat to total body weight. We all need some fat, but too much will damage your long-term health. Reducing excess fat in the body can directly reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. Too little body fat can lead to osteoporosis, irregular periods, and even infertility.

Basal metabolic rate tested by fat scale (BMR)

The minimum daily energy or calorie level required by the body for rest (including sleep) to function effectively. Increasing muscle mass will speed up your BMR. People with higher BMR consume more calories at rest than people with lower BMR, which can be measured by fat scale.

Fat scales test muscle mass

Fat scales test muscle mass in the body, and as muscle mass increases, your calorie burning rate increases, thereby increasing your BMR. This helps to reduce body fat and body weight in a healthy way.

Body moisture

You are losing water all day, especially when you exercise, so keeping water is very important. If fat scales measure this, it can suggest that you intake more water to make you feel better.


Working principle of intelligent scale

If your fat scale provides more than just weight or BMI measurements, it will use a small harmless electrical pulse to measure the impedance (resistance) of different tissue types. You need barefoot to get the fat scale sensor to work, but then you get a very accurate body composition estimate.

So far, the most accurate way to measure body fat on fat scale is to use traditional calipers and frightening pinch tests, but this usually requires a doctor's appointment. The accuracy of a smart scale depends largely on user consistency. If you step on fat scale every day or every week and wear the same amount of clothing, the results are accurate for you. Even if the fat scale is not as accurate as a professional health assessment expert, the fat scale will still show you a trend and your body. Over time.