The use of sport stopwatch manual

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

Stopwatch is important of two kinds of machinery and electronics, electronic watch and can be divided into two categories, three buttons and four buttons. The department of P.E. teachers use more is electronic stopwatch, machine a stopwatch has become history in many places. Electronic stopwatch is a kind of relatively older electronic timer, domestic electronic seconds are usually use the oscillation frequency of the quartz oscillator as time benchmark, acceptance of six LCD digital performance time, has the effect that performance intuitive, easy to read, such as more strengths. The author is the use of electronic stopwatch with several feeling on the aftercare of (in four key electronic stopwatch as an example). Learn fundamental manipulation of electronic stopwatch buttons (refer to a stopwatch to clarify)

1, record a time: in the timer environment, press MODE key to choose, can appear a stopwatch function. Press the START/STOP button to START the active seconds, press the STOP again seconds, meter data show. LAP/RESET button, the initiative to zero.

2, record multiple time: if you want to record multiple objects at the same time, but the difference when reached the end of the activity, can accept more timing function method (detailed record number to clarify book introduction). Is beginning in the stopwatch state press START/STOP, stopwatch beginning active seconds, stay when you arrive at the end of the object (to) press the LAP/RESET, the performance difference between objects of the number of seconds to STOP, and performance over the screen. The stopwatch is still in the record, the internal circuit is still in the inheritance to the cumulative meter seconds on the back of the object. All objects record after the completion of the normal STOP watch, according to the RECALL can enter the recording environment, in front of the procuratorial up-and-down available START/STOP and LAP/RESET button.

3, time and date of mediation: if necessary at the time and date calibration and mediation, can press MODE key, for performance digital meter seconds, minutes and seconds, hold RECALL button for 2 seconds after see digital shine can choose mediation, until the accuracy of the number of seconds to show the necessary mediation, then press the RECALL button.

To solve time

How to adjust the correct time?

According to the lower left three times into the date adjustment (the first two according to the lower left should, in turn, appear a stopwatch, time), then the lower right (until the time), then press the upper right (change the Numbers to the correct time) with respect to ok

This stopwatch how to reset the data, how to adjust the time?

Hand in the table on the right click on the health of time 8 stop, again according to the center button, transferred to the right, then click on the healthy minutes 12 stop, and according to the center button, transferred to the right, to a tuning and Beijing time at difference, must be faster than Beijing time. A minute, 58 "immediately press down key such as Beijing time.

How close this sports stopwatch alarm clock?

General electronic stopwatch: display the clock mode, click and hold display alarm time (hold down the right not to display the date, on the contrary, may also be about key is to hold the display timing's key), right click again without the key, the alarm display.

Sports stopwatch and mobile stopwatch time, which time faster

Timing is same, only is the sports stopwatch can lap time and comprehensive timing, that is to say you can calculate your hundred metres can also calculate your acceleration and total grade.