The doctor action in patients with urinary calculi: running can help row of stone

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

Urinary calculi, why don't doctors give you medicine or surgery, can actually make you home running, jumping rope?Running jump rope really can treat the "stone" is killing people?To solve these problems, a Peking University first hospital uropoiesis surgical department doctor Hao Han did explain for us.

Hao Han told the audience in the show, the method in the treatment of urinary calculi in fact very much, doctor will according to the composition, site of the patients with calculi, degree of obstruction, and other comprehensive information to determine what kind of treatment for the patient is most favorable, select the most appropriate solution.

Some patients have a larger stones, such as one or two centimeters, and plugging in the key part of the urinary tract, this may affect the excretion of urine, causing a series of problems such as kidney seeper.For these stones, with some large trauma general recommendations, such as operation or the way to get rid of such as in vitro rubble stone.But some of the stones found early, only one or two millimeters, for such small stones generally don't need to do surgery, also do not need any interventions, stone to being discharged., of course, people also need to use some ways to help small stones, one is through a lot of water, on the stone, the scouring effect of urine itself;Secondly also need more activities, more can make the stone a little go down, it is easier to come out.This is why the doctor suggested that small stone patients can do some running, jumping rope, main is to want to through these activities, help the calculi patients discharged.