Street track and field is more popular and grounded

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

In these years, the streets of track and field events in our country constantly emerging, and the formation of certain range and lineup. Beijing, Nanjing, Xi'an and other places have held a number of "street" competition. To deal with the people's close sense of track and field charm, as well as to cultivate our country's mass track and field culture, has no knowable tense significance.

A few days ago in Beijing at the China Street track and field tour, teenager Shi Yuhao jump 8.31 meters out of good results. The result of this season is now fourth in the world. This confirms the street athletics charm and future vision can be expected from one side. The place of the cool color, fashion and music, and financial activities and Kang Jian as one of the competitive elements embraced each other. Let the people to the monotonous and boring inherent cognitive development of track and field events, a new perspective, the opportunity for the continuous growth of Chinese track and field, which contains this. To deal with the field of track and field culture, mobilizing track and field wealth to grow and growth obviously has a good reputation.

Any kind of culture has some kind of genetic code, and the secret code of track and field is its popular attribute. Like running jumpers, on the one hand, it represents human's pursuit of faster, higher and stronger humanistic appeal. On the other hand, it also shows the most basic human body essence -- speed, endurance and strength. Along with the international competition of China's track and field success with frequent marathon in the world like bamboo shoots after a spring rain was a blowout, as the mother of the track and field in our country, the public gradually gather and overstating the "popularity", track and field fire burned more prosperous. The Chinese Street series held in track and field, is undoubtedly to Tim fire for China's track and field "hot" pay.

The track and field has a unique charm, has become a traditional sports culture in the west. And the track and field culture of our country needs to be nurtured and gradually sublimated. Let more out of the stadium, race streets, into the district and the campus, this will help our country athletics activity growth play a very tense and lead pull use, especially in the health China set purpose equipment deployed under the. Never mind also change a mind, if from the elite athletes of track and field street "show" and then invite public grassroots star of the scene, is not more popular, more popular and down to earth?