The commercial value of the marathon event has a bright future - the stopwatch business is getting better and better

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

In April 24, 2017, China entertainment and Athletics Association reached a strategic agreement, OSPORTS will provide sports media events and national team training for athletics, shooting pictures China image editing and image storage spread promotion service.

In recent years, China sports property produce Changfeng blustery, whether it is 8 billion astronomical super copyright still poised CBA League this year shows, domestic high-quality sports trade costs into the stage of rapid promotion. The track and field property in our country has a long history and extensive mass foundation, occupies an important position in the sports industry.From Athens to Rio, from Liu Xiang to Su Bingtian, Zhang Peimeng and Xie Zhenye, China's track and field events have attracted more and more eyes. In China's latest ten most expensive sports costs, marathon events occupy three seats. Therefore, China's track and field property has a long prospect, and the brand cost is greatly promoted.

Track and field world championships, Asian Athletics Grand Prix, World Athletics Championships, track and field competition of the thirteen National Games and so on, all the intense competition. All sports media city is on the scene, showing the top level competition pictures for the audience. No matter is the bright and beautiful, still hidden behind the suffering and confrontation, we will use the lens to record every precious moment of reporting sports positive energy, informed energy character will never refuse to be cowed or submit, strong fighting is eternal, the character of strong with a picture of inheritance.