Use stopwatch timer to run cumulative

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, stopwatch timers can be a powerful and effective tool for running or walking, safely improving your endurance and race time. Most beginner runners start using stopwatch timers to keep track of their running speed because they have no stamina or are suitable for long runs. Some experienced runners also use stopwatch timers to increase their total mileage, complete endurance races, and reduce the risk of injury by running and walking.

How to use stopwatch timer for running and walking accumulation:

As you know, running and walking are simple: you've preheated a five-minute walk with a stopwatch timer, some warm-up exercises, a short run, and then a walk break. Beginners can take short walks alternating very short runs, such as setting a stopwatch timer for a one-minute run and walking for seven minutes.

Keep repeating your running and walking mode until you cover your target distance or time. For example, if you want to run or walk for 16 minutes, you can run or walk two cycles in a 1:7 stopwatch timer ratio. Make sure that you use the correct form for running and walking sections.

You should start your walking part before running too tired. This will immediately restore your muscles, thereby lengthening the time and distance you can cover. If you wait until you are tired, you will eventually walk slowly, and it will be very difficult to start running again.

If you want the stopwatch timer to calculate the interval between running and walking, you can use the alarm function of the stopwatch timer to beep to signal when you need to switch. A simple stopwatch timer, if there is a stopwatch timer function. So the most popular product for running fitness should be a multifunctional stopwatch timer, an easy-to-use small interval timer that can be clipped to your hand or worn around your neck. It will also beep to indicate when to start and stop intervals and to report time.

For walking part, please make sure that you are not walking leisurely. You should use good running form or lash up your hands, so your heart rate will increase. In this way, you can still perform good cardiovascular exercise, which will make the transition easier to recover. If you relax too much during walking interval, it may be very difficult to resume running.

As you continue your running and walking schedule, hold the stopwatch timer and try to extend your running time and reduce your walking time.


When is it easier to run?

If you want to run for 30 minutes in a row, please try this 8 week running and walking plan for beginners.

Once you can successfully run for a long time, don't think you have to give up the way of sprint. Some distance runners use it in training, running and competitions to help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Check the schedule of the running and walking stopwatch timer to train for the next match.

How to use running and walking skills in a race is to use running and walking methods during the race, and you can operate at the same intervals during training. However, some runners like to switch during games and require longer running intervals. For example, you can take a 30-second stopwatch timer for a walk break at each mile mark or each stop.

During running and walking, you must be careful and practice good running etiquette. When you stop to do the stopwatch timer interval between your walks, make sure there are no other runners behind you because they may meet you when you slow down. Cross the roadside or race area, and you will not let other racers worry.


Drink water to replenish water at the end of exercise. If the weather is hot and humid, you should drink some water in the middle of exercise and add about 4-6 liters of water. Use breathing as a guide during running sessions. You should be able to talk during running, and your breathing shouldn't be heavy. You can not only run and walk longer, but also prevent side seam.