Sports stopwatch and running race

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

This is from the 100 meter sprint and long jump competition recorded in the sports stopwatch. His strongest event was shooting until Saturday, but at that moment, he was still wandering where his sister was preparing to cross the barrier,track and field athlete who took part in the long track and field race, the opening night of the last weekend, and the 11 year old children wearing bright blue blouses and neon shoes. Fading from the yellow on the toes to the pink stopwatch near the heel.Her Bib number was her father's description of her as a acne, noting her height and long legs as the most useful weapons for track and field athletes.

Her father happens to be a track and field coach in Lebanon high school. His student athletes took part in the state games, but he said he was much better than others, because the coach always encouraged her to take the track as a way to keep her body in the form of sports stopwatch, but for some people,During the rest period, it's just a way of exercising, and it usually starts to be a real love for the track. When she realizes that the quick action is cool, it makes a big difference, and it's time to learn the timing of the sports stopwatch, Rebmann says, they realize they can shine like a person.


The coach said he told his track and field athletes on the first day of each season that even if others were on the track or on the ground, they were actually competing with themselves, and in the early days, they seemed to be entering another high jump, but it was soon to be found that she had a competition this year, and the coach was a little strange with stopwatch. Because she's my oldest, but she's always a little girl, but her race is contagious. As a coach, that's the kind of thing you like to watchJust like in the Olympic Games, there is an exciting atmosphere in the 100 finals. At the end of the 11-12 women's game, the sports stopwatch won the second gold medals of the night and won second in the high jump, and Brookings used sports as a celebration of the Iowa Des Moines Youth Olympic Games. Her mother said she had started running since she was 4 years old, and she kept a stopwatch record below 100 meters and 6 feet, pointing to the game's souvenir show, which included the best stopwatch record.

I was lack of confidence, she said, I don't know why, I always run 2500 meters with stopwatch more quickly than once, and he said that Brookings was one of the ten children in the track and field competition. He set up his own team, and children used regular sports stopwatch as a club to record training on the runway, with 24 members and 10 of them going to Des Moines to participate in the Youth Olympics.

Every turning point in the Brookins family appears to be a talented athlete, her father's sports stopwatch plays for him, and Morgan himself is a talented athlete in Fulton high school, his brother runs 800 and 1500 meters, and Morgan's father Robert Si Mons has a large number of sports stopwatches. Record.