How to use household kitchen scales

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

The kitchen scale or food scale is actually a simple weighing tool:

Save your time in cooking time.

Improve the accuracy of baked foods.

Save time while washing dishes

In fact, eliminate the risk of using raw materials before you expect.

Since I started to cook food, I have been using the kitchen scale. Now I can't imagine why every family in the United States has a kitchen scale, no doubt; kitchen scale can weigh faster, easier, and more accurately than a measurement. Save time in cooking time


Just put your mixing bowl on the kitchen scale and pour it into the ingredients until you have enough quantity. Measuring 4 1/2 cups of flour is a step instead of 5. I poured some flour out of the bag. For the next ingredient, just set the kitchen scale to zero, and you can measure it again. Kitchen scales can increase the likelihood of baked goods. Good kitchen scales are key to cooking delicious foods, especially baked goods. Successful baking depends on using the correct ingredients so that chemical changes occur as expected. But the dry ingredients used in measuring cups are surprisingly inaccurate.

We found that when the "dip and sweep" method was used to measure the dry ingredients, different chefs might drop by as much as 10% - a difference that in baking might mean a dense cake or a fluffy, soft discrepancy, and I weighed instead of measuring the dry ingredients larger than a large spoon. If you do the same, we'll use the same amount of flour in the bread recipe, and the kitchen scale makes it harder to keep track of the amount measured so far. When the phone rings, as you measure the three or four. Flour cup, don't you hate it? With proportions, you don't have to remember how many measurements you need, and I get nervous every time someone enters the kitchen when I measure, making sure I forget where I am and destroy the dish. No more! Even using kitchen scale for a variety of ingredients is difficult to lose track, and it is impossible to weigh items separately in a bowl and put them in a mixing bowl.


Why do cooks use kitchen scales?

Almost all American cookbooks show dry ingredients by volume rather than weight. Obviously, even most modern recipe writers and cooking school teachers think that American cooks are too vague to use a kitchen scale, which is also called a food scale. I attended a cooking course run by King Arthur flour in the kitchen scale of the course. The teacher tried to dry the flour with a spoon and put it in a measuring cup. After class, I asked her why she did not even mention the use of kitchen scales. "Oh, family chefs will not use kitchen scales." Have you ever tried a course on weighing ingredients of kitchen scales? "No, family chefs will use kitchen scales."

Throughout my life, family chefs have embraced more complex and expensive equipment than kitchen scales. Think of microwave ovens, and need to know which containers are "microwave oven safe". Or convection ovens, which change the time and temperature of most recipes. Even bread maker or ice cream maker! Of course, people who know how to weigh themselves on an electronic kitchen scale can learn to enjoy the benefits of weighing flour and icing.

What kind of kitchen scale is it used? Depends on your habits.

For years, I used kitchen scales and pull ups. This is a joy. I travel with it to all parts of the country and many activities.

If your large mixing bowl blocks the display, pull it out of the base so you can see it.

If you are using candlelight for cooking, please touch the button to light up the display.

On the other hand, I received a stylish and elegant kitchen scale. It is lightning fast, accurate and easy to read. Most importantly, the kitchen scale has a thin shape and a black glass top, so it's very beautiful and can be placed on the counter. This is the one I made with my TV on the hot Italy cocoa biscuit.

Food scales and kitchen scales display weight in grams or ounces, but kitchen electronic scales also show pounds and kilograms. Both kitchen scales have a "tare" function, so you can measure one ingredient in a bowl, reset the kitchen scale to zero, and measure the other without any mathematical calculations.