Stopwatch and the sparkle of athletes

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

ina Asher - Smith will return home, the 22-year-old who holds the stopwatch won three European gold medals, broke two British records and set two world leaders.

The best athletes were preparing for the Miller Grand Prix at Alexandria Stadium, and in an interview with the media, the Commonwealth and European medalists at the World Olympic Games said, "It's been a very busy and exhausted week, but I'm happy. I am glad to see that we have all the support of a team. When we're there, we're like a bubble, so we don't really know what it's going to do to the country, so go back and understand a little bit and win a lot.

Three European champions will compete in the star-studded women's 200-meter race tomorrow, including the world and Commonwealth champions and the 400-meter Olympic champions, using the best sports stopwatch. "It's more like an Olympic final, so I'm really excited to see everything around me good including the stopwatch of the record. We often finish the Olympic finals after the Europeans, but I am really excited. You know these girls, we're not going to avoid competing with each other, we're always just showing up, no games for Birmingham, the stopwatch record on sports is a good proof.

"Obviously, I will go there and do my best. I always give 100 percent, especially in front of my family, because I want to go there and make everyone proud. "The men's 100-meter starting list is equally impressive. In the 100-meter and 200-meter races, the world's leaders look forward to stopwatches proving his worth as the world's fastest sprinter this year.


"I've been watching the court a couple of times and I like'Oh, it's a fast-paced time, it's a fast runner'. You know not everybody gets to the finals, but anyhow everyone tries to do the best they can, and it won't work if you don't use stopwatch to record those efforts," Riles said. Yes. A lot of people are putting down a lot of things at the end of the season. Be sure to watch the stopwatch. I hope to compete with the fast-paced people and show my value.

The starting line for the 100 metres together will be the newly crowned European champion, and to be honest with the best sprinters in the world, I feel no pressure to enter the race. For me, it's just staying focused and concentrating on yourself. Stopwatch records are about going out and doing what I've been doing all season, and I'm trying to execute my game.

"This field is very close, I really look forward to a fierce competition, and the competition is very intense. I absolutely believe that we can provide the crowd with the performance they expect. "

Another British and Northern Ireland gold medalist from Berlin aims to make more history in Birmingham after her historic 1,500-meter European gold medal last Sunday, stopwatch records say, because she attacked Kelly Holmes'British 1,000-meter record of 2:32.55. Moore said: "I'm happy to break the indoor stopwatch record of the last indoor season at the Birmingham Grand Prix. It's great. But I found that there were 200 meters indoors, which was very easy psychologically. Five sports stopwatches and 200 meters laps. Outdoors it wasn't what I needed a lot of things. But in Berlin I ran to the last mile, which wasn't intentional, but I wanted to be well prepared in one respect.

As long as tomorrow's conditions are good, I feel I have a goal to do tomorrow. World indoor pole vault champion Sandy Morris will return to the city where she won her first global championship in March. The Diamond League leaders can't wait to compete again in Birmingham.


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